BrainPOP Games organized by Subject.

Addition Blocks

Test your addition skills and speed! Destroy falling sum blocks by clicking on connected digit blocks. Add fast, or the sum blocks will stack up!

After the Storm

Run an online news magazine after a huge hurricane hits town. You'll interview locals, edit stories and social media, plus manage your staff!

After the Storm: Day One

A hurricane has just hit the city of Port Douglas. As editor-in-chief of an online magazine, can you help the residents weather the storm?

All About Bird Anatomy

Hey, what’s under all those feathers? Build a bird from the inside out and you'll learn bird anatomy! Then quiz yourself in flashcard mode!

Antibiotic Resistance Game

Can you defeat multiplying bacteria with an antibiotic dose? It sounds easy, but remember--whatever doesn't kill bacteria makes it stronger!

Area Builder

Create shapes using colorful blocks and explore the perimeter and area. Play the game to build shapes or find the area of funky figures!

Argument Wars

Ever tried to win a disagreement? In Argument Wars, you will try out your persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. The other lawyer is your competition. Whoever uses the strongest arguments wins!

Atom Touch

Explore atomic bonds. Change states of matter by adjusting temperature and pressure in this simulation that demonstrates how atoms move and bond.

Balancing Act

Play with objects on a teeter totter to learn about balance. Test what you've learned by trying the Balance Challenge game.

Battleship Numberline

Collect stars and explode paper ships by estimating their position on a number line. This game is used for educational research. Small aspects of gameplay will vary.


Can you be a Wildlife DJ? Mix animal sounds with beatbox beats, and then unlock Beast Mode by combining voices from the same ecosystem.

Bending Light

Explore how light bends when traveling from one material into another. Play with prisms of different shapes and make rainbows!


Explore the underwater world of deadly venomous marine snails. Dive in and discover what they eat, how they hunt, and where they live!

Bird Song Hero

Be a Bird Song Hero! Amaze friends by naming which birds are singing. But can you face the Ultimate Challenge? This game is not optimized for Internet Explorer 9.

Blockly: Maze

You can code! Build a simple computer application by programming “tag” blocks to reach your target – no typing required. (Not compatible with IE8)

Branches of Power

Do you like running things? Do something no one else can, and run all three branches of the U.S. Government. But what will the public think?

Carbon Cycle Game

Can you master the original shape-shifter, the Carbon Cycle? Transform carbon from water to sky to land--before your tricky opponent does!

Cast Your Vote

Do you have what it takes to be an informed voter? It all depends on whether you can uncover information about issues and candidates!

Cat Insanity

Explore the basics of credit and debt with this free financial game where you feed cute, hungry cats. But watch out—they multiply quickly!

Chain Game

Players replace a sound in one word to make another word!

Circuit Construction Kit: DC

Experiment with an electronics kit! Design and build your own circuits. Discover if everyday objects are conductors or insulators.

Collisions: Ionic Bonding

How do metals and non-metals get attached? Ionic bonds! Use the ions provided in the bank to create ionic compounds and match the targets!

Color Vision

Make a rainbow by mixing red, green, and blue light! Explore how light passes through colored filters, and see light as a beam or photons.

Community in Crisis

A hurricane hit your town! As the community center's director, can you manage the aftermath? You'll have to make some good decisions!

Community in Crisis: The Aftermath

A hurricane hit your town! As the community center's director, can you manage the aftermath? You'll have to make some good decisions! Long Description:


Watch your solution change color as you mix chemicals with water. Find out how concentrated you can go before you hit saturation!

Convene the Council

You're president of the United States.. Can you work with your National Security Council to make the right decisions on foreign policy?

Counties Work

Can you run your county? You'll have to help fellow-citizens while managing taxes and local emergencies. Plus, keep an eye on reelection!

Court Quest

Help people around the U.S. navigate our court system. Listen carefully to each case, so you can guide them to the right place!

Crystal Cave

When the kids find a crystal cave under the Yard, they learn all about crystal molecules and dig up some sweet crystals for their collection in the museum.


Turn funky salt water into safe drinkable water! Set intake depths, build a workable plant, and make the world a less thirsty place.

Do I Have a Right?

Run your own constitutional law firm! Match clients with lawyers who can meet their needs. The more cases won, the faster your firm grows!

Earthquake Game

How good are you at predictions? Can you figure out when—and how powerfully—an earthquake will hit Square City? Triangulation is the key!

Energy Skate Park: Basics

Learn about conservation of energy with a skater gal! Explore different tracks and build your own tracks, ramps, and jumps for the skater.

Executive Command

Step into the President's shoes! Do your best to run a government while keeping the country's citizens healthy and safe.

Flap to the Future

Leap through evolutionary time: Start as a running dinosaur and avoid predators to earn new adaptations that let you fly like a bird!

Food Fight

Have fun learning about food webs in this two-player game of survival on the Serengeti!

Gram Staining

Ignite your Bunsen burner! Prepare a sample of yogurt for microscope viewing and learn how staining can help you judge whether it contains harmful bacteria.

Graphing Lines

Explore the world of lines. Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope, and graphs. Challenge yourself in the line game!

Guts and Bolts

Learn about the interplay of human body systems as you help Moby construct a cyborg Tim!

Hot Air Balloon

Can you fly a janky air balloon using your knowledge of air pressure and gravity? Watch out for when the birds come flapping by!

Immigration Nation

Can you choose who should become citizens of the US? In Immigration Nation, find out as you guide newcomers along their path to citizenship!

Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case

When some mysterious artifacts show up at the History Museum, you must unravel the clues to find the real stories behind the artifacts.


You've built a new town called Lakeland! Can you keep your people alive by building businesses and finding food--without ruining resources?

Law Craft

As a member of the U.S. Congress, you'll draft a bill on an issue you believe in, then take it through the full law-making process!

Lost at the Forever Mine

You just crash-landed on an abandoned mining planet! Use mathematical models to predict how to escape before time—and fuel—run out.

Magnet Hunt

Can you find buried magnets, working on the idea that opposites attract? Your tool kit has compasses, iron filings and secret magnetic film!

Manny's Word Mangler

Help! Manny is mangling all the words! Use a claw to pick up word pieces and make new words before time runs out.

Mission US: For Crown or Colony

Boston, 1770. You are Nat Wheeler, a young apprentice. Tension is growing between colonists and the British. Where do your allegiances lie?

Molecules and Light

Wonder how greenhouse gases affect climate or why the ozone layer is important? See how light interacts with molecules in our atmosphere!

Money Magic

Help ambitious magician Enzo manage his budget, reach his savings goal, and take his show to Vegas!

Monster School Bus

Combine little monsters to make as few trips as possible as you drive around the neighborhood on your monster school bus!

Multiplication Blocks

Test your speed and skills! Click on connected factor blocks to destroy the falling product block. Think quickly, or time will run out!

Newsfeed Defenders

Can you make it as a News Feed Defender? You'll have to outlaw viral deception, detect hidden ads and banish false reporting!

Nitrogen Cycle Game

Can you control nitrogen and move it from plants to deer to clouds? You'll have to watch out for a tricky opponent!

Pearl Diver

Navigate the number line while diving amidst sunken ruins. Will you find a pearl or an old boot? Watch out for the electric eel!

Pendulum Lab

Play with one or two pendulums and discover which factors affect its swing. Take your experiment to the moon, and determine the value of gravity on an unknown planet!

Project T.R.I.G.

As a member of Project T.R.I.G., you'll need your best math skills to send projectiles of supplies to a village under siege.

Projectile Motion

Blast a car out of a cannon, and challenge yourself to hit a target! Explore projectile motion by firing everyday objects out of a cannon, and investigate the factors that affect the trajectory.


Shape the future of a new society while recognizing ethical issues and making decisions based on evidence and differing points of view.

Race to Ratify

Drop into 1787, where the ink is still drying on the new Constitution. Will it become the law of the land or will it fall into the dustbin of history?

Ratio Rumble

The battle is on in this ratio-building game. Out-compete your opponents by making powerful potions.

Run Marco!

Marco loves to explore but he lost his way in the jungle. Can you save him? Join Marco in his journey and guide him through his adventures!

Say What

Players will create a word by choosing the correct letter or letter combination to complete the target word.

Shady Sam

Learn the hidden “tricks of the loan trade” as you play the role of a loan shark and try to maximize your profits.

Shock's Beatbox

Shock’s Beatbox is an interactive learning tool that reinforces phonemic awareness skills while kids make their own beatbox tracks!

Simple Machines

Help Twitch do his late-night work in the Museum workshop by creating simple machines.

Sort It Out

Players will sort words based on a specific phonics goal.


Show what you know about BrainPOP topics by strategically categorizing tiles into the bins where they belong.

Sortify: American Indians

Categorize and sort traditional American Indian tribes and attributes of Native American groups before Columbus.

Sortify: Elements of Periodic Table

Sort elements of the periodic table by attributes, such as symbol and group, and order by atomic mass and valence electrons.

Sortify: U.S. Citizenship

Show your knowledge of U.S. Citizenship by sorting requirements according to selected categories. Use strategy to up your points!

Sortify: U.S. Constitution

Sort concepts of the U.S. government, including personal rights, the three branches, state powers, and the Supreme Court, into categories.

States of Matter: Basics

Explore states of matter as you heat, cool, and compress atoms and molecules. Observe matter change between solid, liquid, and gas phases.

Storyline: Industrial Revolution

How well do you know the trends that shaped US history? Draw your best guess!

Storyline: Music Recording Technologies

How does consumer demand change as new and better music recording technologies become available? Draw your best guess!

Storyline: Oil Production

How well do you know the trends that shaped oil production and prices? Take a guess, draw your best!

Teachley Add & Subtract

Help the Addimals and Subtractimals save their world by using smart math strategies!

Teachley Mt. Multiplis

Help Linka earn gems by using smart multiplication strategies!

The Fiscal Ship

You're the captain of our Fiscal Ship! Can you steer the federal budget towards smooth sailing, or will you head into stormy waters?

The Legend of the Lost Emerald

In Legend of the Lost Emerald, kids take on the role of maritime archaeologists exploring shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. Like real archaeologists, players use sonar and GPS coordinates, dive down to take underwater photos, and search for clues in historical artifacts, like letters and ship manifests, to tell the story of each shipwreck.

The Meaning of Beep

Tim broke Moby's language chip, and now our favorite robot's missing some words! Can you use context clues to fill in the blanks?

The Next Electric Company Star

Players use their ‘follow through’ reading skills as they play along with a variety of Electric Company characters in this American Idol style game show!

Time Zone X

The push of a button ruptures time and space, trapping Tim and Moby in Time Zone X! The only way out is to reconstruct the past by placing historical events in the correct order. Can you help?

Time Zone X: Abe Lincoln

The push of a button ruptures time and space, trapping Tim and Moby in Time Zone X! The only way out is to reconstruct the past by placing historical events in the correct order. Can you help?

Unit Rates

Discover the unit rate while shopping for fruits, vegetables, and candy. Construct a double number line and look for patterns. Challenge yourself on the race track as you compare cars with different rates!

Virtual Labs: Adjusting pH of Food

Don’t sell contaminated salsa! Step into the virtual lab and make sure Spicy Salsa Company’s product is safe by adjusting its pH to the target level.

Virtual Labs: Bacteria Sampling

Can you find the source of dangerous e-coli? Sample bacteria in pasteurized and raw milk, then incubate the bacteria and count the colonies.

Virtual Labs: Controlling Water Activity

Can you make food safe to eat, the traditional way? Kill dangerous microbes and control water activity in corn!

Virtual Labs: Gram Staining

Ignite your Bunsen burner! Prepare a sample of yogurt for microscope viewing and learn how staining can help detect harmful bacteria.

Virtual Labs: pH Scale and Meter Calibration

Acid or base? Test the pH of common liquids and learn how pH can determine whether food is safe to eat. Then, calibrate your pH meter and use it in a virtual lab!

Virtual Labs: Testing for Corn Mold Mycotoxins

Mold on corn can produce toxins that make people sick. Learn how to use black light (UV light) to detect mold on corn, then test it further in the laboratory to see whether it contains aflatoxin.

Virtual Labs: Understanding Water Activity

What is water activity, and how can it make you sick? Explore what foods have high water activity, and learn how to calibrate water activity levels. Strawberry jam, anyone?

Virtual Labs: Using the Microscope

How powerful is your lens? Learn how to view super-small objects by handling the parts of a compound optical microscope.

Vital Signs

Are you ready to become the Medical Director of a community health clinic? Diagnose mysterious illnesses and help your community. Play now!

Water Cycle Game

Can you move water from the ocean to the sky--and then back again? The Water Cycle game shows you how, but there's a tricky opponent!

Wave Combinator

Your pals find a mysterious wave combinator in the yard, but can you figure out how waves interact? And just what is amplitude, anyway?

Wave on a String

Explore the wonderful world of waves! Wiggle the end of the string and make waves, or adjust the frequency and amplitude of an oscillator.

Win the White House

Run your own presidential campaign to find out if you can Win the White House.

Wind Simulator

Can you change wind and air pressure according to your will? You'll have to figure out how to make weather patterns--and even cyclones!

Word Transformer

Word Transformer is a musical game that teaches players how the letters R, H, and silent E to can be used to transform words!


Think you're fast on a computer keyboard? See if you have what it takes to defeat enemy spaceships--but watch out for the exploding words!