Educator Resources for Nitrogen Cycle Game

The Nitrogen Cycle game builds students’ understanding of how nitrogen changes as it moves through the environment. Game cards represent particular forms of nitrogen, with the object of moving their own (or the opposing team’s) nitrogen pieces towards a changing goal zone. The objective is to get the most of your own nitrogen pieces into the goal zones by the end of the game. The game covers a range of topics including nitrogen fixation, plant assimilation, herbivorism, plant death, bacteria digestion, and lightning. Sometimes two cards represent the same two locations, and players must determine the direction in which nitrogen would move with each play. This further supports an understanding of the nitrogen cycle's role in maintaining Earth’s atmosphere. The game begins with a short comic-strip introduction followed bya quick tutorial of how to play. Students choose between a single- or multi-player game, and determine how many turns they want to take.
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