BrainPOP offers a variety of learning activities to help students build knowledge, apply and assess understanding, and deepen and extend learning on topics across the curriculum. 

To meet various instructional and student needs, review our strategies for modifying BrainPOP learning activities.

Build Knowledge

Animated movies present grade-level concepts, and accompanying activities build background knowledge while developing essential literacy skills.

Apply and Assess

Activities provide opportunities to apply and assess key grade-level concepts, common misconceptions, and essential literacy, math, and science skills.

Deepen and Extend

Projects and activities deepen connections to key concepts, extend knowledge beyond the movie, and provide opportunities to apply essential literacy, math, and science skills.

More activities to deepen and extend learning:

BrainPOP: Worksheet, Graphic Organizer

BrainPOP Jr: Draw About It, Talk About It, Write About It, Belly Up.

For support using BrainPOP ELL, watch these screencasts for each learning activity.