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Ratio Rumble
You’re a potion-maker in a tournament with some mighty quirky competitors. Select different potions and combine them in the proper proportions. Defuse bombs left by your opponent; they’ll explode if you don’t use them fast enough. Make potions to defeat opponents and you advance to the next round. Some potions give you a health or energy boost. Your opponent will taunt you in his or her signature style, so stay focused! Ratio Rumble supports students in identifying ratios visually and problem-solving using ratios. The mathematical concepts are embedded in a puzzle game that feels like it’s just for fun.

Ratios Lesson Plan: Ratio Rumble Game

In this lesson plan which is adaptable for grades 3-8, students explore ratios and proportions using an online math game called Ratio Rumble. Students will identify ratios when used in a variety of contextual situations and explain why ratios and rates naturally relate to fractions and decimals. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »