Educator Resources for Lakeland

In this strategic building game, you’ve decided to build a new town called Lakeland. Your people love to play in the water. But they can’t just splash around all day. In order to grow your town and keep your people alive, you need food and resources. Luckily, you’ve got some friendly advisors to help you get started. Your Farm Advisor shows you how to grow corn. Now your people have food! Then you start a dairy farm. Even better. People love dairy! Milk, cheese, ice cream… what could go wrong? As it turns out, a lot. Cows don’t just produce milk. They also produce lots and lots of poop, which means the lakes your people love so much are about to turn into a toxic cesspool of blue-green algae. Ope. Your job: grow your town without destroying their lakes. This game puts kids in charge of growing their town. Players build houses and farms, export produce, and manage resources like corn, milk, money, and manure. Students will get an introduction to the complex relationship between farming, nutrients in the soil, and lake pollution.
Image for Lakeland