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The Meaning of Beep is an original BrainPOP game developed in collaboration with our games partner, Institute of Play. The English language game challenges players to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. In the game, everyone's favorite robot, Moby, has a damaged language chip. Students are helped by friendly bots (or by classmates, if they select the multi-player option) to figure out the meaning of an unknown word associated with the selected BrainPOP movie topic. The game presents three sentences, one at a time, for which students identify the meaning of “Beep”--a placeholder for a missing word. Each consecutive sentence provides more context clues than the previous one. By the third sentence, which is strongly tied to the movie, players should be successful in identifying the meaning of “Beep.” This game was designed to improve students' vocabulary, grammar, and language skills through increasing their facility with context clues.
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