Educator Resources for BeastBox

BeastBox celebrates the voices of wild animals and the health of the ecosystems they depend on. There are a few different ways to play. * Treat BeastBox as your own mixing board and create music from your favorite animal voices. Add together real wild animal sounds and beatbox loops from Ben Mirin to build endless musical compositions. * For those who like puzzles, unlock ecosystems by bringing animals from the same habitat together on stage. Each time you do this, you unlock Beast Mode, where you can listen to a song composed entirely of sounds from the featured ecosystem, while controlling the moves of the animals as they dance. * Learn about each animal and its habitat by selecting the info button hovering over each animal’s head onstage. This will give you the chance to see a photo and hear a field recording of the animal, and learn what ecosystem it lives in and how it communicates. This game is great for fans of music and wildlife of all ages. It’s useful in classrooms to teach about biodiversity and habitats and in music programs to get students excited about composition. Enjoy!
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