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New on BrainPOP Jr: Compound Words and Chickenpox

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K-3 students can now learn about Compound Words through a new BrainPOP Jr. movie and accompanying resources. Children will learn how a compound word is made up of two or more different words, and expl...
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Free Webinar: Wrap up the School Year with a BrainPOP Review

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Join us on Wednesday, May 20, from 4-5 pm EST for a BrainPOP Review, as we look at ways to end the school year strong with BrainPOP! We’ll share a wide variety of BrainPOP tools you might not kno...
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A Quick & Easy Way to Get BrainPOP ESL Quiz Results

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At the end of every BrainPOP ESL quiz there is an now an option for the student to email his or her score to the teacher. When students click that option, they can then simply enter their name and tea...
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4 Resources to Help You Get Started with BrainPOP

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Do you want to get started with BrainPOP this school year? Check out the following resources from our New Subscriber page to get familiarized with what we have to offer: 1. Subscription Overviews: ...
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Terrific Resources to Help You Fund Your BrainPOP Subscription

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Did you know that BrainPOP has a funding page specifically designed to make it easier for you to find grants and other resources to cover the cost of your BrainPOP subscription? Check it out! On th...

Ideas for Using BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. at Home

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  BREAKFAST WITH BRAINPOP Play a BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. movie and have your child complete the quiz during your morning routine. It is a great way to introduce a new topic, review a con...

Classroom Ideas for BrainPOP Jr.

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ENGAGING INTRODUCTION  BrainPOP Jr. is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept and get kids engaged. To get students in the habit of active viewing, remember to pause the movies and enga...

Classroom Ideas for BrainPOP

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  ENGAGING INTRODUCTION  BrainPOP is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept and get kids engaged. To set students up for active viewing, remember to pause the movies and engage ki...
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Inquiry Based Exploration with TechChef Lisa Johnson

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TechChef Lisa Johnson shared about inquiry based learning and documenting student work in the BrainPOP booth at ISTE 2013. Check out her "Thinklink" and do some "inquiry based" exploration yourself! ...

Getting Started Guides

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