Play a BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. movie and have your child complete the quiz during your morning routine. It is a great way to introduce a new topic, review a concept from school, or explore a current event in a complete yet concise way.



In the car, yard, or house, kids can take BrainPOP anywhere they want! The BrainPOP Featured Movie and BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week apps regularly deliver fresh movies, quizzes, and bonus features right to your mobile device.


magnify-500PX-bpSQUARE ONE

Need to select or research a topic for a school project? Use our Research or Library movies to refresh your memory on sources, then pick a movie associated with the topic to begin gathering your knowledge! Have your child use BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. as a safe and reliable source.



With BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr., movies are just the beginning. From games to engaging graphic organizers, all of BrainPOP’s features help bring learning to life at home.


rain-day-500PXRAINY DAY? HOORAY!

Does the weather have you down? Let your child choose a fun movie, game, or activity from our expansive collection of educational content on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.



Use BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. movies as a rewarding incentive for positive behavior or the completion of chores and homework! Kids like to hang out with Moby and can learn along with him while getting ahead on their knowledge.



Occasionally allow your child to take the quiz before watching the movie. This will show any gaps in your child’s current knowledge of the subject, and call attention to main ideas and important details that are covered. And if you feel inspired, visit the Mixer, sign up for an Educator’s Account, and you can create a quiz for your child!



Stop the movie after the student letter is read by Tim, or each question is read by Annie, and have your child share what they already know about the topic. You can pause the movie again if there’s something your child finds either exciting or confusing, and discuss the topic some more!


tims-shirt-500PXTIM’S T-SHIRTS

Does your child have a flair for fashion? Let them create their own curriculum themed t-shirts like Tim’s. These can be created on construction paper or kick it up a notch and allow them to use fabric paint on inexpensive t-shirts.



Only a few minutes until dinner? Show a BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. movie and soak up some serious learning in a short amount of time!


dessert-500PX-bp…OR DESSERT!

Play a BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. movie after dinner for the whole family! Take the quiz and try out some of the additional activities together. You might be surprised with what your child teaches you!


 For a printable list of these tips and tricks, download the Ideas for Using BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. at Home (PDF) version!


  • Matthew Elkin

    3-2-1. . . Action!
    Moby and Annie Dramatic Play

    With your child, create a costume, cut-out or doll of Moby and Annie. After watching a video on a topic relevant to school or home, have your child pretend they are Moby and/or Annie by retelling the information from the video. Retelling is an important skill. This could be a great way to make it fun!

  • Melissa Lander

    I love DEN’s SOS strategies. Especially the 3 Truth’s and 1 Lie SOS Strategy. Using this strategy with BrainPop movies is an excellent idea to get students focused and looking for the three most important pieces of information within the movies.

  • Cathy Cortes

    Before going on a family trip, ask your child to use “Ready to Research” (on the Topics page) to find interesting facts or specific places to visit when you arrive.

  • Cathie Gillner

    Beyond The Movies – Use the Game Up feature and incorporate the
    Breakfast with Brainpop and play Sortify -Nutrition all together after
    checking out a few of the Nutrition videos offered.

  • Crystal McMullen

    Use “Square One” to propel your students from Ground Zero. You could use square one to introduce a new topic and take your students from ground zero to square one and beyond. This could also be used to help them research topics or confirm their knowledge.

  • Jessica Bamberger

    Use the idea of Tim’s shirt and have students create a shirt, but also add a writing component to the lesson. Perhaps the students could use a Moby movie to learn about something new, create a shirt, and write a summary telling what they learned!

  • Jessica Mobley

    Homework Help. Are your students stuck on a concept from class? Search BrainPop for that subject and have them watch the video for a review from class. This could help clear up some questions they may have about their homework.

  • Tracy Flanagan

    BrainPop is a great resource for introducing new topics. I also use the GameUp as an “Exit Ticket” when wrapping up lessons.

  • Tracy Flanagan

    BrainPop is a great resource for introducing new topics. I also use the GameUp as an “Exit Ticket” when wrapping up lessons.

  • Heather Hopkins

    Preview a video beforehand identifying the key vocabulary students will need to know. Have students write down the words on index cards before playing the video. In small groups, students can discuss the vocabulary they are about to encounter during the video. As the video plays, students should order the vocabulary words in the order the appear for discussion and to make connections at the end.

  • Holly Spangler

    Have kids make their own Sortify game from their favorite topic page, then try it out on their family and friends!

  • Heather Schubauer

    At the end of a unit of study, have the students script their own BrainPOP movie. They can write dialogue and story board the movie. This will demonstrate their understanding and allow them to apply it. You can use the BrainPop clip art to make a movie in PowerPoint or another presentation program to which students can add voice overs.

  • Bridget Smiley

    In my classroom I would have students write down questions during the videos to ask the class at the end of the video. Students could answer them out loud or write their answers and leave it for the person who made the question. They got really into it and it made them get even more out the video!

  • Jennifer Weinhammer

    The games and movies found on BrainPop are excellent resources to be used in a Flipped Classroom. They are quick and fun so students wouldn’t mind logging on to do their homework.

    • So true, Jennifer! And parents always tell us that their kids even choose to watch BrainPOP in their free time.

  • Thanks, Joseph! Let us know how it goes!

  • Alexa Mainor

    I applaud parents that take just a few seconds a day to spend time with their child and discuss academics. Coming from a working mom, I understand this is not always possible. However, the school I am currently employed with the parent involvement is pretty high, so I believe this idea is possible. Maybe as an “Over Fall Break,” assignment or a weekend assignment I’d challenge the kids and their parents. I’d ask them view and take the quiz on as many videos as possible. The child with the most tests printed out or emailed to me would earn a reward. For my kiddos that have working parents I would challenge them to try the videos, quizzes, and games with a younger or older sibling. This would keep the child’s brain fresh, and the rest of the family involved.

  • Alison Kan

    I think kids should be able to suggest new topics for brainpop videos and games. Maybe there could be a process where they can submit facts for a new video or additional games or modifications to current games. Then they can be awarded some type of certificate. Imagine how proud they would be if they went into school and were able to tell their teacher they helped brainpop research facts for a new video!

  • Kids love BrainPOP videos and can never get enough! I think it would be fun for students to put together a follow up video to an existing BrainPOP topic. Students could conduct some further research on a topic of interest and then use their new knowledge to write a new script for Moby and Annie. They could answer some new questions on the topic. Maybe create some Moby and Annie puppets to act out some scenes and record them with a classroom iPad to later share with others. Or for even more fun maybe they can dress up as Annie and Moby and become the stars of their own BrainPOP movie.