Webinar Alert: BrainPOP Resources, An Overview

Wednesday, March 7 4:30PM ET!

Whether you’re a BrainPOP newbie or a veteran in need of a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Join us for this overview webinar as we explore the ins and outs of BrainPOP resources– including BrainPOP Jr., GameUp, and our free, professional community BrainPOP Educators. We’ll discuss best practices for engaging students and encouraging active involvement so you can make the most out of your BrainPOP subscription.

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  • reneemom

    We just learned about Susan B. Anthony…..how interesting to see her on Brainpop! I like the idea of children making their own movies. The jokes are great! Thank you for a great webinar!

  • mroberson@rcsnc.org

    I am very excited about sharing Brainpop Educators with our District. Our school has a Brainpop subscription and I would love for our District to get on board! Exciting stuff happening!

    • andrewg

      @mroberson, if you’re looking for support materials to present to your district, take a look at our research page here on BrainPOP Educators, it has great resources and statistics proving that BrainPOP is an effective tool! http://www.brainpop.com/about/research/

  • loribz

    The webinar overview on Brainpop resources was fantastic. We have had budget cuts and I do not have a subscription, but I am going to look into grant funding through the links on your site.

  • lauriearmstrong

    I will definately share all of this great info with my fellow teachers when I return to school. Especially about BrainPop Educators and the standards help and graphic organizers! What a great resource,Laurie Armstrong

  • eweixel

    We have been using graphic organizers in class a lot lately. I can’t wait to see my students faces when I give them one that has Moby’s face on it. I am also excited about using Brainpop on my interactive white board. Thank you for all your tips and suggestions!

    • andrewg

      @ eweixel – At BrainPOP, an animation company that values visual expressions of understanding, graphic organizers are near and dear to our hearts! We are so glad to hear that you will use them. If you have any suggestions for other graphic organizer formats, please share with us in the user forums! http://educators.brainpop.com/groups/suggestions/forum/

  • kinseyb

    Thank you so much. I am going to take all of the information that I learned today and share it with my staff. The coolest part about this webinar is it is something I can take back tomorrow and implement right away into my curriculum.

  • awise

    As a first year elementary music teacher, I was thrilled to see all the great resources BrainPOP has to offer – definitely a life saver! During Black History Month I played the video on Louis Armstrong and the kids really got excited to take the quiz and see how much they’d learned. I didn’t expect them to actually volunteer to take a quiz, but they loved it! Thanks for the webinar – even though I thought I’d explored the site pretty thoroughly, I definitely learned about a lot of features that I’d overlooked before.

  • dsloan11

    Thank you for sharing the resources I have overlooked! I can’t wait to share with fellow teachers all the things we can be doing…especially using our Promethean responders for the quizzes. The kids will be thrilled!

  • sharondeighton

    I just finished listening to the webinar and I can’t believe how many things that are available. I teach first grade and we are currently studying the continents and oceans. Today I showed the video! This summer we are getting the SmartBoards so we can use the interactive parts as well. Thank you for giving me a better way to reach my students.

  • judyc1

    Our school has a Brainpop subscription, and I think there are so many great ideas for my 1st graders. They love Moby and Annie! I enjoyed learning about resources that I have not used yet.

  • leslies1

    I am a first year teacher. I have used Brainpopjr.com this year in my 1st grade classroom. I have only used the videos and quizzes for my kids but I now know they’re are so many other resources that I could be utilizing!

  • azstephk

    I learned how to incorporate brainpop with Google Apps. Hopefully this is something I can use in the future.

  • delukens

    Watched the webinar on BrainPop Resources: An Overview for March 2012 from your archives. did not realize your site had so many different options and activities. Great ideas. I watched it on the 24th of March, but did not register to BrainPop educators until after viewing. Thanks!

  • sdimas

    I love the Q&A section for BrainPOP! My students often ask the same questions! BrainPOP provides a wide variety of resources on many topics!!!

  • jeniferw1

    I think this can work well with high school students. Graphic organizers work well with visual learners.

  • kwood6161

    I enjoyed the overview on Brainpop. I have learned a great deal of information that will be useful in my classroom. Thanks

  • lynnb@st-george.org

    I was really excited to see all the resources in the Brianpop area. I love the quizzes.

  • barbarahathorn

    I really like the graphic organizers and the Question and Answer sections. My 3rd graders really enjoy brainpop. Thank you!

  • joybur3

    The information you provided in this webinar is so useful. I can implement a good deal of the information provided into my lesson plans immediately. The quizzes are phenomenal!

  • sdimas

    I love how you can look for lesson plans on specific topics using the key word search! It makes it so easy!

  • justinalexander

    I hope this will work with high school students. Graphic organizers work well with visual learners. There are so many materials that I am eager to try.

  • r.stanley1989

    BrainPOP is an awesome website that I have frequently used for my students along with myself. I repeatedly find new and fascinating ideas to use in my classroom. I mainly use BrainPOP for the videos and the quizzes, but know I have learned a lot more about resources to use on BrainPOP. Thank you.