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New on BrainPOP Jr: Compound Words and Chickenpox

Posted by SM Bruner on

K-3 students can now learn about Compound Words through a new BrainPOP Jr. movie and accompanying resources. Children will learn how a compound word is made up of two or more different words, and explore how knowing compound words can help them read. They’ll also discover how they can make inferences about compound words they don’t know in order to figure out their meaning.

What else is new on BrainPOP Jr? You can also show students the new BrainPOP Jr Chickenpox movie. Children can join Annie and Moby as they learn about how the chickenpox virus can be spread and cause illness. They’ll also discover symptoms of chickenpox and how those symptoms can be treated, as well as how vaccines can stop the spread of chickenpox and keep people healthy.

For both movies, you’ll find lesson plans, games, activities, quizzes, and more! Check them out, and let us know below how you’re using these new resources.