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Terrific Resources to Help You Fund Your BrainPOP Subscription

Posted by SM Bruner on

Did you know that BrainPOP has a funding page specifically designed to make it easier for you to find grants and other resources to cover the cost of your BrainPOP subscription? Check it out!

On the funding page, you’ll find:

  • A grant writer’s reference: tips for writing the grant and citing the research behind BrainPOP to back up your claims
  • Funding alignments: see how BrainPOP aligns with a variety of local, state and federal funding and grant objectives to support district and school initiatives
  • Research resources: white papers, case studies, and other research related to the integration and design of BrainPOP
  • BrainPOP tours: use these brief videos to introduce potential donors and grant organizations to the basics of BrainPOP

You’ll also find links to Grant Wrangler, which helps you find free grants for teachers and schools by searching by grade level, subject, or deadline; Digital Wish, in which you tell your community what you need and get grants/fundraise; Donors Choose, where public school teachers can post classroom project requests and community members browse and give; and GetEdFunding, a collection of more than 750 grants for funding and sample grants to help with your application process.

If you know of any additional resources to help teachers and schools fund their subscription to BrainPOP, please share them with us in the comments!