games in the classroom

Using Games in the Classroom

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Katrina Schwartz's blog post for  MindShift on November 24, 2014 entitled, "Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom" brings to light the many barriers to implementing game-based lear...

Order of Adjectives Chart

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Use this chart as a reference and activity for word order of adjectives....

Picture Prompt: Adjective Endings

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Students practice using adjective endings  –ing and –ed with these pairs of adjective images....

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Image

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Use this image of the universal recycling symbol to prompt class discussion about recycling and the concept of "reduce, reuse, recycle."...

Butterfly Life Cycle Images

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Use these images of the stages in a butterfly life cycle to explore the concept of a life cycle....

5 Reasons to Use Closed-Captioning with BrainPOP Movies

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Here are some great reasons to use closed-captioning with BrainPOP movies. It's easy! All BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP ELL movies have built-in closed captioning (or subtitle) features. See...
speech-language pathologist

BrainPOP + Speech-Language Pathologists = Improving Student Achievement

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Certified BrainPOP Educator Kim Thomas is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Madison School District in Pheonix AZ. As part of her certification process, Kim led a training with the Speech &am...
November Curriculum

November Curriculum Spotlights

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Did you know that each month, BrainPOP highlights movie topics and other resources that might be relevant to your curriculum? Our Curriculum Spotlight page gives you a yearlong overview of all BrainPO...

Dog Show Picture Prompt

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Use this image of a dog show as a written or oral prompt about the movie Old Dog, New Tricks (L2U1L5), which reviews reflexive and object pronouns, phrasal verbs, and the modal can....
Speak Up 2014

Speak Up 2014 – Make Your Voice Heard

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Are you “Speaking Up” about digital learning this year? If not, you are missing a unique opportunity to have your views—as well as the views of your educators, students, their parents and the local co...