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BrainPOP + Speech-Language Pathologists = Improving Student Achievement

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Certified BrainPOP Educator Kim Thomas is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Madison School District in Pheonix AZ. As part of her certification process, Kim led a training with the Speech & Language Pathologists in the Madison School District.  Of using BrainPOP as a speech-language pathologist, she writes:

“We decided it was time to learn about BrainPOP (Jr., ELL and Espanol) to see if there were resources the specialist teachers could incorporate in their work with students.  They participated in 2 trainings, one this summer and a follow-up in October.  Their conclusion – BrainPOP is great!  They spent the second training exploring resources and discussing the various ways they could use it in their teaching.  As the sign says, “Speech & Language Pathologists Love BrainPOP!”  Holly Ford – from Madison Simis Elementary explains: ” [we] used the Making Inferences BrainPOP Jr. topic video to introduce students to the concept and also as a way to get them engaged. It was perfect since it’s a short and easy-to-understand explanation of the term “inference”.  Heidi Rodriguez, from Madison Park Middle School explained using BrainPOP “to support the concepts the students are learning in the general education classroom. They watch the videos multiple time – stopping at key vocabulary words, taking the quizzes and completing the follow up activities.

Are you working with students who need speech and language services? How are you using BrainPOP resources with them?