games in the classroom

Katrina Schwartz’s blog post for  MindShift on November 24, 2014 entitled, “Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom” brings to light the many barriers to implementing game-based learning.  She also highlights how teachers are creatively using games to push students to think critically.  A few of the games mentioned in this post can be found right here on GameUp where you’ll also find supplemental materials that help support the games use inside the classroom and indicates how the game aligns to CCSS.

The post describes how teachers are using digital games to bring concrete experiences of abstract ideas to students through virtual gameplay experiences like some of those you can find on GameUp like LawCraftCourt Quest, Quandary or Supreme Decision.  It is through games like these that “…allow kids to interact in an almost concrete way that is very powerful.  They take on the role of the characters and understand it in a much deeper way than they would otherwise.”

We’d like to encourage you to share with us ways that you are using games in the classroom.