Guide to Grants and Funding

Your Guide for Grants and Funding

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We’re often asked about guides for grants and funding, and we’re thrilled to share two exciting opportunities to support you in building your grant writing toolkit. If you have an idea that you’d like...

Summer Training for Teachers: PD with BrainPOP for free!

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We want to provide you with opportunities for summer training for teachers, to get the most out of a BrainPOP subscription. So what do you want to know about? Are you interested in learning about crea...
TSN2 Games Assessment Tools

Teaching Resources and Games Assessment Tools for TSN-2

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This video provides an overview of all teacher support materials and games assessment tools for using TSN-2 with students....
Video game design

STEAM Video Game Design: Tales From Students in the Field!

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Peek into a STEAM video game design lab with POPstar David Conover and some of his Pflugerville, TX students. They’ll share their unique experiences developing a “Circuit of Sustainability” and collab...
Teaching Science

Teaching Science and Formative Assessment: POPstar Robert Miller

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Originally Recorded April 2014 POPstar Robert Miller – an award-winning 5th-grade science teacher – hosts this interactive workshop covering inquiry-based science curriculum; the creative use of vi...

#Edtechbridge – Connecting Teachers and Entrepreneurs Through Twitter – Wednesdays at 6PM ET

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There is a lot of buzz about teachers and EdTech entrepreneurs working together to build great tools for students and schools, but it still can be a struggle to figure out how exactly to collaborate. ...
Tim, Moby, and Video Games!

What Video Games Can Teach Educators

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Last week, guest blogger Caryn Swark shared her tips and tricks for game design in the classroom. Now, she's taken to her own blog to explore the benefits of video games for educators. With an interes...
social studies game

Do I Have a Right? Social Studies Game

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Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for Do I Have a Right?, a free online civics and social studies game....

April Spotlight on Earth Awareness

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Though we support thinking about the earth everyday, April is officially Earth Awareness Month! Show your love for the planet with our Earth Awareness Spotlight, covering a range of topics including A...
Lemur Week with BrainPOP and IMAX

Celebrate Lemur Week with BrainPOP and IMAX®!

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March 29 marks the start of Lemur Week and BrainPOP is proud to team up with Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX to shine a spotlight on the endangered lemurs in Madagascar. In preparation for the release ...