Common Core Standards

Our Corps for the Core: BrainPOP and the Common Core Standards

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Educators' Team on Common Core Standards: Originally Recorded February 2014 The BrainPOP educators team shares BrainPOP’s rich history of creating engaging and rigorous content, and how our videos,...

Citizen Science Game Teacher Support Resources

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BrainPOP offers a variety of lesson plans and other teacher support resources to help you use the Citizen Science game and assess what students have learned through game play. This short video provide...
Sortify Multiplication Game

Sortify Multiplication Game Discussion Starters

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Use these Sortify Multiplication Game Discussion Starters to help students reflect on their learning during and after the Sortify: Multiplication game, and expand the discussion to how game play relat...

Sortify Game Lesson Ideas: An Adaptable Overview

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This page provides Sortify game lesson ideas for BrainPOP's Sortify game. The ideas are adaptable for any subject area and any grade level (K-12.) Learn how the Sortify game can be used as a playful a...

Word Map Graphic Organizer

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Students use critical thinking skills and prior knowledge to make connections among new words in this word map graphic organizer. Word maps are especially useful for abstract concepts and academic wor...
Tag Questions Sentence Strips

Tag Questions Sentence Strips

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Cut out and match the sentences with their tag questions in this Tag Questions Sentence Strips activity sheet....

Beyond the Flipped Classroom with POPstar Lisa Parisi

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Originally Recorded February 2014 Some call it the "flipped" classroom with “blended” learning, others call it good instruction that takes advantage of modern technology and media. Either way, join P...

Our Favorite Things

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Use possessive adjectives (my, your, his, etc.) or nouns and apostrophes (Jon's book) to describe images of Ed, Nikki, Ben, and Moby....

Family Tree

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Practice vocabulary about family with this printable image illustrating members in a family tree....
Multimedia in Education

Integrating Multimedia in Education

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This research assesses the use of multimedia in education and discusses how to integrate multimedia in K–12 classrooms. The use of multimedia instruction can significantly enhance student learning ...