Get started with brainpop

4 Resources to Help You Get Started with BrainPOP

Posted by SM Bruner on

Do you want to get started with BrainPOP this school year? Check out the following resources from our New Subscriber page to get familiarized with what we have to offer: 1. Subscription Overviews: ...
What's new on BrainPOP

5 Easy Ways to See What’s New on BrainPOP

Posted by SM Bruner on

Want to know What's New on BrainPOP? Here's a way to find out about our movie of the day, spotlight lessons and movie topics, recent movies/lessons/games we've added, and timely BrainPOP resources tha...

Characters in Action: Progressive Tense

Posted by allisyn on

Cut out and use the images to practice the progressive tense to describe parallel actions....
BrainPOP ELL on Android!

BrainPOP ELL on Android: There’s an App for That!

Posted by cemignano on

There’s an app for that! English language learners and teachers can now take Ben and Moby on the go with the newly launched app offering BrainPOP ELL on Android. The latest addition to our suite of m...
Summer Slump and Math Games

Avoiding the “Summer Slump” with Math Games

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Today's guest blogger, Derek Lomas, shares research about the dreaded summer slump and ways to support students from losing progress over the summer. Derek is a  learning scientist at Carnegie Mellon ...

Comic Strip Activity

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Write and illustrate a story using this comic strip template....

Suddenly It Started Storyboard Activity

Posted by allisyn on

Students practice using the past progressive in this storyboard sequencing activity. Using the 6 separated images, students match the sentence halves and sequence the events of the storyboard accordin...

Picture Prompt: Adjective Endings

Posted by allisyn on

Students practice using adjectives endings  –ing and –ed with these pairs of adjectives....

Active Imagination Lesson Plan: Everyone’s Creative

Posted by SM Bruner on

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-12, students learn about active imagination and how they can use their imaginations to solve problems, create, and have a positive impact on the wo...

3 ways to Use the BrainPOP Curriculum Calendar

Posted by SM Bruner on

Bookmark our events page so you can easily see how BrainPOP can be used to support your teaching each month! Here are three useful ideas for using the curriculum calendar: 1) See which webinars fit...