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BrainPOP and Language Power

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BrainPOP ESL was in Seattle last month for the annual TESOL International 2017 Convention (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). We love to talk with educators from around the world, un...

Flash Words Activities for ELLs

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The BrainPOP ESL Flash Words, a vocabulary flash card feature, can be used in a variety of classroom activities. Here are a few suggestions! Play a Memory / Matching Game The interactive n...

BrainPOP ESL Correlations to English Proficiency Levels

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This chart identifies how BrainPOP ESL levels correlate to the WIDA, TESOL, and CEFR proficiency levels....

BrainPOP ESL Content Movies List

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A list of movies with a content focus in curricular areas, including social studies, science, and math....

BrainPOP ESL Curriculum

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This overview of BrainPOP ESL's scope-and-sequence provides a lesson-by-lesson summary of featured academic language and content, including vocabulary, grammar, and reading & writing skills....

BrainPOP ESL Cross Product Content Index

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Looking for differentiated content? This index shows how BrainPOP ESL content connects thematically with content on BrainPOP, BrainPOP JR, BrainPOP Español, and GameUp....

1.6.2 Make-a-Map Ideas

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Ideas for the Story Movie: Create a map about the sequence of events in the movie. Have students retell what happened. Make a map about the things Ben and Moby did in each country. Ideas fo...

Using Make-a-Map Templates

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When students create concept maps, they explore, organize and link information seamlessly, deepening their understanding or knowledge of a topic while relating it to new concepts. All concept maps a...

3.6.1 Make–Map Ideas

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Make a map about the film Ben and Moby made. Make a map about your own school. Make a map about the word “Perspective.” Use Make-a-Map to create a sorting game about Relative Pronouns...

3.5.1 Make-a-Map Ideas

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Make a map that explains how the First Conditional is formed. Use snapshots from the movie, images, or text to illustrate conditions and results or cause and effect sentences. Make a map about ...