It’s English Language Month!

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Celebrate English Language month by exploring BrainPOP ELL! Our newly redesigned, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly site features the following updates:

 Word Play. Explore new words through drawing, writing, and creating skits. Click to hear words and definitions read aloud.
word play

Content Index.  An overview of grammar topics, reading and writing skills, and language function for every lesson to help with curriculum planning.

content indexMy BrainPOP Integration. Students can now submit their work to you, allowing you to track progress and provide feedback.

Updated Movie Player. Stop and start the movie using the keyboard space bar and choose movie speed and resolution.

Watch the BrainPOP ELL Quick Tour to learn more about what’s new and different.

To support your implementation of BrainPOP ELL in the classroom explore our Getting Started Guide, FAQs, and host of other resources available on BrainPOP Educators.


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