MaM 113

Make-a-Map Ideas

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Place a simple question in the middle of the map. For example, Is it a ____? Place images around the question. Have students practice asking the question using the images they chose. For example, ...
MaM Be Negative 112

Make-a-Map Ideas

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Drag any of the images to the screen and write what it is. For example: It is a cat. In a new text box, write the sentence It is not a _______.  Drag any appropriate images from the image bank to il...
MaM HeShe

1.1.1 Make-a-Map Ideas

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Create groups of images that correspond to the pronouns he, she, and it. What can they do to illustrate they? Make a chart conjugating the verb to be. Add images to go with the pronouns. Ill...

My BrainPOP for BrainPOP ESL

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Originally Recorded March 2016 My BrainPOP is now available on BrainPOP ESL, our award-winning English language learning program. My BrainPOP ESL lets you keep track of students’ work and progres...

3.5.2 Vocabulary Lesson Plan

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In the BrainPOP ESL movie, If We Lived There (L3U5L2), Ben and Moby take their minds off shoveling snow by imagining what life would be like if they lived on a tropical island. If only it weren’t a ...

2.5.4 Word Order Lesson Plan

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In the BrainPOP ESL movie, We Planned the Trip (L2U5L4), Ben is packing for a beach vacation. He and Moby have to leave very early the next morning. Will they make it to the bus on time? In this lesso...
L1U1L3_MP preview

Four Toys Picture Prompt

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Use these images of four toys to prompt students to practice asking simple questions using the verb to be....

Getting Started with Make-a-Map for BrainPOP ESL

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Make-a-Map is BrainPOP ESL’s concept mapping tool powered by IdeaphoraⓇ. Make-a-Map enables students to transform information into knowledge by making meaningful connections between their thoughts...

Grammar concept map created with Make-a-Map!

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This exemplar map illustrates the grammar concept of count and non-count nouns featured in the BrainPOP ESL movie Any Cookies? The student used the keyword and image banks as well as blank nodes to cr...

Recycling concept map created with Make-a-Map!

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This exemplar map, based on BrainPOP ESL's Recycling movie, illustrates the content of the movie using the image and keyword banks on the left side of the screen. The student also created new keywords...