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New! Assignments on ELL

Posted by jglassman on

You asked for it and we made it — teachers can now assign BrainPOP ELL movies, quizzes, activities and more! The assignment tool empowers teachers to help their ELL students progress at their individual levels by differentiating instruction through their assignments.

The tool also enables teachers to better track student progress in a lesson and target individual needs by assigning additional practice on a specific concept or skill.

ELL assignment is easy to use! Simply navigate to a lesson, quiz, or other activity and click Assign. You can click Assignment Builder to add more features to your assignment, including, all three movies, Hear It Say It, Make-a-Map, etc. You can even assign the Placement Test. Just like the assignment tool on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr., you can assign to the whole class or to individual students, set an optional due date, start date, and include instructions.