BrainPOP Lessons organized by Topic.

Absolute Value

Use a numberline, determine the distance from zero, and decide on positive or negative! Tim and Moby teach you about Absolute Value.

Adam Smith

Don't be all laissez-faire! It's in your self-interest to meet the inventor of modern economics.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Tim and Moby add up the two parts of a fraction, the numerator and the denominator.

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Add some integers here, subtract some integers there…Tim and Moby show you how!


Learn about the difference between acute, obtuse, and right angles.

Area of Polygons

Tim and Moby show you how to find the area of polygons like triangles, trapezoids, and parallelograms.

Associative Property

Tim and Moby introduce you to the associative property of addition and multiplication, a form of grouping which simplifies algebra problems.


Do you have interest in more money? Tim and Moby take you through banking basics, like deposits and withdrawals, and the difference between cash and capital.

Bar Graphs

Teach students how to plot data on bar graphs, and to use them to spot patterns and analyze information.

Basic Probability

You may think that chance is just a roll of the dice, but what are the odds you'll like the outcome? Learn how to calculate and express basic probability.


Earn some, spend less, and don’t buy what you can’t afford. Learn about the basics of budgeting or you might have to learn the basics of debt!


Don’t be scared of calculus--it’s only curves and slopes and lines. Tim and Moby throw in a differential or two, just to keep it fun!


We all know what a circle is, but what’s a radius, diameter or circumference? Tim and Moby will also introduce you to circle’s friend Pi. I wish I had a friend named Pie...

Classifying Polygons

Introduce the classification system for polygons, by identifying properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, and sorting them into categories.

Commutative Property

The Commutative Property works for addition and multiplication. Find out all about it in this BrainPOP movie.

Comparing Decimals

Learn how to compare decimal numbers using place value, area models, and bar models.

Comparing Prices

Introduce a basic concept of financial literacy with this topic about making smart purchasing decisions.

Compound Events

Tim and Moby play a board game to show the difference between mutually exclusive and inclusive events, and how they affect the likelihood of getting the desired outcome.

Converting Fractions to Decimals

"One-half" is the same as "point five," but how do you get from one to the other? Learn how to convert fractions into decimals, and back again! Hey Presto!

Coordinate Plane

Learn about an imaginary boundless surface with length and width, but no depth. Coordinate planes help you chart data and keep on track!

Credit Cards

The bank doesn’t loan you that money for free, you know! You’ll find interest in Tim and Moby’s talk about APR’s, purchasing power, and debt.

Customary Units

Ounces, pounds, gallons, and miles. Oh boy, you'll learn tons about them all in this BrainPOP practical math movie!


Learn how individuals, businesses, and even governments borrow money in order to invest in the future.


The decimal system represents a hundredth or even more than a thousandth of a whole--because sometimes things are just way teenier than one!

Distance, Rate, and Time

How long will it take you to get there, at 58 mph, with ten gallons in your tank, the wind in your hair, and a hundred kilometers to go? Tim and Moby figure it out.

Distributive Property

The distributive property involves addition and multiplication. So where do all the parentheses come in? Tim and Moby know.

Dividing Decimals

Tim and Moby share tips and tricks for dividing decimals, explaining how to remove those pesky points and make them reappear in just the right spot!


Introduce the concept of division by dividing two-digit dividends by one digit divisors without remainders.

Elapsed Time

Analog or digital, time flies! Learn the importance of managing time in everyday planning and in working time-related equations.

Equations with Variables

Tim and Moby talk about variables, which are the x, y, and z of simplifying and solving algebraic equations.


Sometimes accuracy’s over-rated! Whether you estimate or guesstimate, all you need is a little practical math.


Need a simple way to express really big (or really small) numbers? Exponents give you the power!


What do factors and multiplication have to do with breaking prime numbers into smaller pieces? Find out in this animated movie!

Fibonacci Sequence

In movies, nature, code, and a math equation near you! Tim and Moby walk you through the series of numbers that make up the mysterious Fibonacci Sequence.


The numerators and denominators of fractions represent pieces of a whole! Tim and Moby show you how visualizing everyday objects makes this math lesson easy.


Tim and Moby go to any lengths to get you in line with your compass and protractor!

Graphing and Solving Inequalities

Tim and Moby risk life and limb to show you how to graph and solve inequalities.


Learn how graphs help people visualize data and make sense of it.

Independent and Dependent Events

Flip that coin, roll those dice--but what are the odds you’ll get the outcome you want? Learn how to calculate the probabilities.


Less than? Greater than or equal to? Huh? Learn the basics of inequalities with Tim and Moby!


Got an interest in free money? Tim and Moby explain how the interest you accumulate is a percentage of what's in your bank account.

Intro to Area

Introduce strategies for calculating area, including tiling unit squares, multiplying length times width, and decomposing complex shapes.

Isaac Newton

Discover the life and legacy of Sir Isaac Newton, whose work revolutionized the fields of physics, mathematics, and astronomy.

Line Plots

Demonstrate how to set up line plots and use them to find patterns in data.

Long Division

Introduce the standard division algorithm by dividing three-digit dividends by one- and two-digit divisors, with and without remainders.

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Tim and Moby in a practical math movie where you can learn how mean, median, mode, and range help you work with sets and data!

Measuring Time

Teach how to measure time on a numberline, working both backward and forward, and crossing from a.m. to p.m.

Metric Units

Learn how easy it is to convert centimeters to meters or kilograms to milligrams. But what do King Henry and chocolate milk have to do with it?

Metric vs. Customary

Why’d the metric system’s inventors chose 10 as a base? The answer’s at your fingertips!

Mixed Numbers

I say! Did you know a fraction can be improper? Tim and Moby teach you all about mixed numbers.


Tim and Moby travel back in time to find the origin of money and how we got from trading cows to bartering favors to paper and coins. This money movie's minty fresh!


Rita and Moby give you some prime information on what happens when the bank loans you money to buy a home.

Multi-Digit Division

Learn how to divide numbers with multiple digits, using partitioning and area models.

Multi-Digit Multiplication

Learn how to multiply numbers with multiple digits, using area models and the standard algorithm.


Introduce the basics of multiplication while helping Tim feed the zoo animals.

Multiplying and Dividing Exponents

This BrainPOP algebra movie gives you the power! Tim and Moby multiply and divide numbers with exponents.

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Tim and Moby show you how to multiply and divide fractions in this BrainPOP movie! Dividing can actually make a number bigger?!

Multiplying Decimals

Put your money where your decimal is by learning how to multiply decimals!

Order of Operations

Tim and Moby order you to make math easier! Addition, subtraction, or division, you’ll get it all serenely sorted

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Tim and Moby give real-world examples of lines that are parallel, lines that are not parallel, and lines that intersect parallel lines.


Introduce number patterns with one- and two-step rules, while helping Moby improve his gaming skills.


Learn to rock the three ways of dealing with percents! Using proportions, beginning with a percent, and finding the percentage of any given number.

Perimeter of Polygons

Teach how to find the perimeter of a polygon by adding up the length of its sides, along with two ways to determine the length of a missing side.


Discover where the concept of pi comes from, what ratio it represents, and why all circles have it in common. Mmm, Pi!


Learn what makes a polygon a polygon, what segments and vertices are, and some crazy names for shapes you already know! Enneagon, anyone?


Poly-who? Tim and Moby discover new names for pyramids and cubes, and learn some really long names for even more complicated figures!


Find out the difference between a monomial and a polynomial in this BrainPOP algebra movie.

Prime Numbers

Learn how every whole number greater than 1 is either a prime number or formed by multiplying prime numbers together. And the biggest prime number? No one knows!

Proportional Relationships

Identify proportional relationships using pairs of values in a table, and practice using the constant of proportionality to solve problems.


Tim and Moby time travel and cross-multiply! Learn how figure out the price of a movie ticket in proportion to income, and how to compare it to prices from earlier decades.

Pythagorean Theorem

Tim and Moby use the Pythagorean theorem to find the measurements of a right triangle’s hypotenuse and legs. Bet you didn’t know a triangle had legs!

Rational and Irrational Numbers

Tim and Moby introduce you to the difference between rational and irrational numbers. Remember, kids: Fractions put the “ratio” in “rational”!


Nothing compares to this excellent movie! Nothing is a quarter as fascinating as this whole movie on ratios!


Learn about recessions and their impact on people

Reducing Fractions

Most fractions can be reduced through simple division, and there is a real-world situation where reducing fractions comes in handy (hint: it involves pizza).


Introduce the three strategies for solving division word problems with remainders.

Roman Numerals

Roman numerals are when letters act like numbers, and Tim and Moby are stuck in Rome trying to figure out subtractive notation.


Tim and Moby estimate that this movie on rounding and practical math is only about three minutes long.

Similar Figures

A triangle is always a geometric shape, but not all triangles are similar! Tim and Moby use congruent angles and proportionate sides to study similar figures.

Simplifying Fractions

Would you prefer two-twelfths or three-eighteenths of a pizza? It's the same amount either way you slice it. Learn why!

Slope and Intercept

Figure out how to plot the x- and y-intercepts of a line and calculate its slope! Watch this movie before you decide to skateboard down Danger Mountain, ok?

Square Roots

Tim and Moby help you figure out what square roots are all about, and to learn the power of exponents. It’s hip to be square!

Standard and Scientific Notation

Some numbers are too big or too small to fit on a page! Tim and Moby use decimal power, the power of tens, to show you about standard and scientific notation.


Stat! Tim and Moby learn how statistical studies take a sampling of large bodies of information and turn it into odds and probabilities.

Stocks and Shares

What does it mean to own a piece of a company? And how do you buy in, anyway? Mateo and Moby delve into the world of corporations, what stocks are, and how investing can make you money--or lose it!

Supply and Demand

Do you demand a movie on economics? Okay, then. We'll supply you with one. Tim and Moby have no shortage of information on money matters!


Believe us, Moby’s no accountant--but even he’s learning about the difference between sales and income tax, and how your salary affects your tax payment.


Moby gives Tim a geometry lesson in symmetry and transformation by translating, rotating, and reflecting him all over the kitchen!

Two-Step Equations

A Two-step Equation is way more fun if you think of it as a dance and not math! Tim and Moby walk you through this easy algebraic formula.

Types of Triangles

Hypotenuse, acute, or obtuse, Tim and Moby introduce you to some of the sharpest three-sided shapes around.

Using a Calculator

What’s 234 subtracted from 129? How about 54 divided by 13? Tim and Moby add up the simple steps you need to know in order to use a calculator!

Volume of Cylinders

What’s a cylinder? Discover how to find the area of a circle, where circles are found on cylinders, and what the heck Pi has to do with it all.

Volume of Prisms

Whoa--3-D! Tim and Moby learn the formula for the volume of a prism, talk about some prisms you already know, and ask what cubes and pyramids have to do with it all!

Word Problems

Do you wince when you see a word problem? No more! Tim and Moby learn the difference between a word problem and a regular math problem.