Start Class with a Quiz

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Benefits of kicking off class with a quiz...

ELL Pacing Guides

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These one-week pacing guides are perfect for starting the student journey through BrainPOP ELL. Each pacing guide aligns with the entry point determined by a student's performance on the Placement Tes...

Grade 8 Pacing Guides and Lesson Plans

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Use these one-week pacing guides and accompanying two-day lesson plans with eighth grade students. Check back regularly for new content. ...
Teaching Tips

Thoughts, Tips and Tricks from Certified Educators part 3 – BrainPOP Educators

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Over the last few weeks we have shared discussion highlights from our online Certified BrainPOP Educator course. We’re excited to continue the series with more thoughts and ideas from our future CBEs....
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Curriculum Connection

Media Literacy Week and BrainPOP

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October 31st - November 4th is Media Literacy Week, and BrainPOP is celebrating with the following events. On Tuesday - November 1st,  join our webinar with staff Editor Shai Rao who will discuss the ...
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In the News

Teach the Election with BrainPOP! Upcoming Webinars, Resources, and More

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The height of election season is clearly upon us: the much-anticipated first debate, the voter registration reminders that keep cropping up online, the political ads on TV, the front pages of newspape...
Guest Blogger

Stephanie Markman Shares a Unique BrainPOP Inspired Project!

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Guest blogger Stephanie Markman is a fourth and fifth grade teacher at Alliance Charter Elementary school in Neenah, WI.  Her students created a series of stop motion animations inspired by BrainPOP. ...

On Your Feedback

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Recently, a 4th- and 5th-grade teacher at a local New York City elementary school communicated a wish to see a BrainPOP topic on the historic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Rights move...

Celebrate Presidents’ Day All Week BrainPOP Style!

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Celebrate Presidents' Day all month long with BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr movies and games! Presidential Movies The U.S. Presidents unit on BrainPOP features presidents ranging from Washington to Obama...

Top 10 Reasons to Start Class with a Quiz

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Though quizzes are often perceived as an evaluation tool to measure learning after a course of study, taking a quiz can be a useful part of the learning process itself. With BrainPOP’s Quiz Mixer tool...