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Thoughts, Tips and Tricks from Certified Educators part 3 – BrainPOP Educators

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Over the last few weeks we have shared discussion highlights from our online Certified BrainPOP Educator course. We’re excited to continue the series with more thoughts and ideas from our future CBEs. As part of the online course, we take a deep dive into the teacher experience on My BrainPOP and the breadth of support resources here on BrainPOP Educators. Participants  are tasked with taking a Educators scavenger hunt – like an old fashioned webquest, to guide discovery of the resources and features on the BrainPOP educators website. Designed for the entire range of teachers – from newbies to teacher trainers, this site is deep! Here’s what our future CBEs have to say about their favorite discoveries!

“I loved the Webinar archive.  I can go to review or obtain new learning about BP resources, features and tools.  This excites me, as I often need to seek out new ideas and/or resources for teachers I work with.  My “ever learning, never done” philosophy will be well supported here!” – Jessie Erickson

“Because I work with a variety of grade levels, I found the standard search to be most useful. Instead of teachers just giving me random topics or me having to hunt for the standard information, I can start asking teachers for the specific standard and plug it right into BP. This gives me a really easy way to then refer them to tons of lesson ideas based around that topic!” – Sammie Burman

“The lesson plans are wonderfully detailed and so fully developed, that it should be easy for any educator, newby or veteran alike, to make use of them very quickly and with little confusion. The accompanying resources are outstanding and really add depth to the lesson themselves. I was very impressed with how many of the plans are linked to tools and websites outside of BrainPop itself, that will further enrich the material.” – Shannon Wright

“I found the “Lead a Workshop” training resources the most helpful and useful. As our District’s IT Learning Support Coordinator, I visit all of our schools to provide PD. The outlines, step guides, slides, tips, the ability to create demo accounts and integration plan are astounding!” – Sarah Thompson

“I absolutely loved the section about Teaching with Games.  I think that play is often times overlooked in the classroom and considered an off task behavior.  I love that BP embraces the importance of games to develop critical thinking and problem solving strategies.” – Samantha Knoll

What’s your favorite section of BrainPOP Educators?  What other resources could we develop to support you and your students? Let us know in the comments!