Celebrate Presidents’ Day All Week BrainPOP Style!

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Celebrate Presidents’ Day all month long with BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr movies and games!

Presidential Movies

The U.S. Presidents unit on BrainPOP features presidents ranging from Washington to Obama. Plus a movie on the topic of presidential power.

BrainPOP Jr.’s Government unit features two movies about government and one about the president’s many responsibilities, from selecting judges to leading the armed forces and everything in between.

Join Annie and Moby as they explore the life of the first president in the George Washington movie.

Presidential Games

Executive Command: As Commander-in-Chief, players face the daily challenges of running a government while keeping the country healthy and safe.

Time Zone X: Abe Lincoln: Place events related to Abraham Lincoln in order on the timeline.

U.S. President Matching Game: Match the presidents!

George Washington Sequence Game: Put the events in George Washington’s life in the correct order.

Abraham Lincoln Matching Game: Match Lincoln-themed pictures.