November Curriculum Connections and Spotlights

Posted by SM Bruner on

Each month on the blog, we highlight movie topics and other resources that might be relevant to your curriculum. For November, we’re spotlighting:

American Indians: This spotlight highlights topics from the French and Indian War to Thanksgiving and Westward Expansion. Lesson plans for these topics and more are all included in the American Indians spotlight lesson plan collection.

Forces of Nature: Not only will you find BrainPOP movies and lesson plans for natural disasters, you’ll also access After the Storm: Day One, a game that allows students to take on the position of magazine’s editor-in-chief in a town that’s just been hit by a hurricane.

Want to start planning ahead? Our Curriculum Spotlight page gives you a yearlong overview of all BrainPOP resources related to the spotlight. You can also use our Curriculum Spotlight Lesson Plan Collections page to skip right to the educator resources.