Educator Resources for Hip-Hop and Rap

If you’ve turned on the radio, flipped on your TV, or surfed the Internet during the last 20 years, you know that rap music and hip-hop style are key elements of American culture. But where did these phenomena come from, and how did they get so popular? In the BrainPOP movie on hip-hop and rap, you’ll get the full story, from hip-hop’s beginnings at 1970s block parties, to its current status as a multibillion-dollar industry. You’ll learn about the key aspects of rap songs, from sampling to similes, as well as the pillars of hip-hop culture, like graffiti art and the electrifying dance style called b-boyin’. You’ll meet silver-tongued rappers, innovative DJs, and revolutionary visual artists. And you’ll find out how female artists bucked the odds to succeed in a male-dominated industry. So put on your Adidas, enter the 36 chambers, and click on this movie!