Educator Resources for Autism

Understanding autism and how it affects millions of people with the disorder can be difficult. Not to worry, Tim and Moby have you covered. Autism, caused by a disruption in the brain's development, is a spectrum disorder. That means each person exhibits varying degrees of several different symptoms. Everyone with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) struggles with communication to some extent. Difficulty expressing emotions, understanding figures of speech, and filtering sensory input are some of the most common challenges. To cope with what often feels like a very confusing world, many people with autism rely on a set routine. They might also repeat the same motion over and over. The consistency and regularity of these behaviors can soothe anxieties and provide a sense of comfort. Our movie on Autism explores these sensitivities and the specific needs of people on the spectrum. Taking the time to fully understand ASD will help you appreciate the unique perspectives that make us different but also tie us all together.

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