Legislator Role Play Lesson Plan: Represent Me!

Posted by jglassman on

In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades 5-8, students play a game called Represent Me!, in which they take on the role of a legislator seeking re-election. They review and categorize legislation, ap...
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Teach the Election with BrainPOP! Upcoming Webinars, Resources, and More

Posted by Traci K. on

The height of election season is clearly upon us: the much-anticipated first debate, the voter registration reminders that keep cropping up online, the political ads on TV, the front pages of newspap...
In the mind of a CBE

CBE of the Month Shana White Shares Her Reflection on the CBE Program

Posted by cemignano on

Earlier this month, we spent some time getting to know CBE of the Month Shana White's teaching background and love of BrainPOP. Read on to get an in-depth look at Shana's experience with the CBE Prog...
New on Gameup

Introducing Yard Games!

Posted by jglassman on

Kids love to play in the Yard!  Now they can with our newly expanded collection of Yard Games from our partner, University of Wisconsin’s Field Day Lab.   Yard Games invite students to explore ...
New on BrainPOP

Introducing … Assignments!

Posted by Traci K. on

It’s here! It’s here! If you’re a teacher using My BrainPOP, you now have the ability to assign our movies and features! The ability to assign tasks within BrainPOP has been one of our most-r...

ELL-Friendly Games on GameUp

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Looking for games for your English Language Learners? Look no further! BrainPOP has pulled together an excellent collection of ELL-friendly games that require minimal reading, and span the curriculum ...
Breakout EDU and BrainPOP
In Good Company

BreakoutEDU visits BrainPOP!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP teamed up with BreakoutEDU's new CEO and longtime education thought-leader, Adam Bellow last week for an in-house visit at our New York office to showcase some of the great things they're doi...
ELL Support

Benefits of Game Play for ELLs

Posted by jglassman on

WHY GAMES ARE GOOD FOR ELLS Among the many benefits of learning through game play, one is that games provide meaningful, low-anxiety opportunities for learners to use all domains: speaking, listen...

News from Production: Quiz Player Updates

Posted by Steve Ji on

Earlier this month, we asked for feedback on recent updates to the quiz player that accompanies every BrainPOP topic. Thanks to everyone who weighed in! Many of you said you missed having the abili...
Get to know a CBE

Getting to Know CBE Shana White

Posted by cemignano on

We're a week into September which means school is back in session and we have a new Certified BrainPOP Educator of the month! We're thrilled to introduce you to Shana White from Lawrenceville, Georgi...