Did you know that you can click the words “Print Notebook” from any BrainPOP Jr. topic page and get a printable PDF of the questions Annie writes in her notebook during the movie? There are lots of ways you can use this feature to help children get the most out of their BrainPOP Jr. experience:

Make Your Own Notebook: Print out the notebook questions from all the movies in an upcoming unit of study. Have students staple them into a booklet or glue them into their journals to create their own notebooks, just like Annie!

Answer Before Annie: Give each pair of students a copy of Annie’s notebook questions. Challenge students to work with their partners to answer the questions based on what they already know about the topic. After playing the movie, allow students time to revisit the questions and update their answers.

Notebook Assessment: Use the print out of questions in Annie’s notebook as an assessment tool to find out what students learned about the topic.

Annie’s Other Answers: Have students use the back of their Annie’s Notebook page to write down other questions that Annie answered during the movie. Then have students trade papers with a partner and try to answer those questions. Play the movie through again as needed and allow time for partners to correct and discuss their work.

What Else Could Annie Ask? Encourage students to generate their own questions that Annie did not answer in the movie, and work collaboratively to find the answers using books, internet research, and other resources.