Changing States of Matter

What happens when you boil water? In this movie, you'll explore how matter can change. Matter is anything that takes up space and it is made up of tiny particles. Matter can come in different states like solids, liquids, and gases. Different types of energy, including heat, can change matter. Matter can change states through freezing, melting, evaporation, and condensation. Why does ice cream melt on a sunny day? Watch the movie to find out!

Changing States of Matter Background Information for Teachers and Families

This page contains information to support educators and families in teaching K-3 students about changing states of matter. The information is designed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. movie Changing States of Matter. It explains the type of content covered in the movie, provides ideas for how teachers and parents can develop related understandings, and suggests how other BrainPOP Jr. resources can be used to scaffold and extend student learning. See more »

Changing States of Matter Activities for Kids

In this set of activities adaptable for grades K-3, parents and educators will find ideas for teaching about changing states of matter. These activities are designed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. Changing States of Matter topic page, which includes a movie, quizzes, online games, printable activities, and more. See more »
  • Michael McDermott

    This video would be great to show my class…during changes of matter unit we boil water and freeze what to see how matter changes when temperature is changed.