Blended Lesson Plans and Games!

Using Games in Blended Lesson Plans

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Want to make your mark as a blended educator, using web-based games to enhance students' learning? Look no further than the fast-evolving world of using Digital Games Based Learning in the classroom. ...

Build-A-Body Assessment Tips

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You can use the Build-A-Body: Digestive System simulation as both a pre- and post-assessment tool. Have students explore the simulation prior to your unit of instruction on the digestive system to bui...
accommodation Using BrainPOP

Top 5 Tips for Accommodation Using BrainPOP

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

These tips on accomodation using BrainPOP help students with various learning styles in every setting. In this guest blog post, BrainPOP's Summer POPstar in Residence, Mike Jones, shares his top 5 tip...

TSN-2 and My BrainPOP: Additional Features

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TSN-2 and My BrainPOP work together! Have your students signed up for individual logins through My BrainPOP? If so, students will be able to take snapshots during TSN-2 game play with the SnapThought...
potential energy

BrainPOP and Your Potential Energy!

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Guest blogger Christine Abdou reflects on teaching difficult content while addressing all learning styles with the use of BrainPOP.  As an elementary school science teacher, I often find myself ha...
Educational Games

Educational Games and Engaging Students With GameUp: Battleship Numberline

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In this educational games webinar, Director of BrainPOP Educators, Allisyn Levy, welcomes Dixie Ching of Numbaland for a discussion of the award-winning math game, Battleship Numberline. Visit GameUp...

Guts and Bolts Essential Questions

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What are the main functions of the human body's organs? How can organ systems function interdependently? What does it mean to test a hypothesis? These are three essential questions we recomm...
student brainpop videos

Making Student BrainPOP Videos – First Grade Teacher Lauren Bounds Shares her Process

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Lauren Bounds is a 1st Grade teacher at the Thackston School in Knoxville, TN. In this guest blog post, Lauren tells the story of using BrainPOP as inspiration for making a solar system movie with he...

Court Quest Essential Questions

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How does our country's court system affect the lives of citizens? What are the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen? What are the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democ...
Court Quest

Court Quest Game Trailer

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Check out this thirty second Court Quest game trailer video from Filament to see the game in action!...