• What are the different blood groups in the AB0 and Rh blood group systems?

  • What antibodies and antigens occur in the blood of different blood types?

  • How do you find out to which blood type someone belongs?

  • Who can receive blood from whom in a blood transfusion?

  • What happens if someone is given the wrong blood in a blood transfusion?

As students play the game, they will be able to answer the previous Blood Typing essential questions. You can also encourage students to reflect on any or all of the following questions before and after game play:

  • How can examining cause and effect help us understand relationships between organisms, places, ideas, and events?

  • To what extent can understanding cause and effect help us solve problems and make decisions?

  • How do the parts of living things help them to survive?

  • How do cells, tissues, and organs interact with one another and carry out life functions?

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