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Join Common Sense Media and BrainPOP for a look at tools to help make 1-to-1 and blended learning realities in your classroom. Hear about Common Sense’s 1-to-1 Essentials, a comprehensive roadmap for schools integrating a tablet program. It covers everything, from engaging parents to digital citizenship to the best learning apps. We’ll also look at best practices for using BrainPOP’s apps in 1-to-1 and blended learning environments.

Originally Recorded May 2013

  • Kevin Malady

    Very informative & good webinar on the 1:1 classroom. Our secondary schools have mostly gone to this in the area but we’re not there at the middle school yet. Anyone have a preference on the Mac or PC debate? With the costs involved, is there one that is superior? The schools in the area are mostly PC but one is Apple and seems to like it.