The Ratio Rumble math game contains many levels that get progressively more difficult, and it could take students around three hours to beat the game. Therefore, make sure students understand they are not expected to play all the way through. Younger students may not be ready for the more advanced concepts presented later in the game, so encourage elementary-level players to work as far as they can.

Here are some tips for game play:

  • You can use flasks that touch each other in the up, down, left, right, or diagonal directions.
  • When you see a flask that looks like a bomb with a fuse, you must use it before the countdown reaches zero, or it will explode and reduce your health.
  • A flask with a heart on it will heal you when you use it.
  • A flask with a lightning bolt will damage your opponent.
  • Two-part ratios require potions in two colors; three-part ratios require potions in three colors.
  • In later levels, some flasks are only half full. Combine two half-flasks to make one whole; or, reduce to an equivalent ratio and earn extra points.