Flipped Classroom and BrainPOP

BrainPOP and the Flipped Classroom

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Make homework fun and involve parents: try a “flipped” lesson! We welcome Katie Neville, a true master educator with more than 40 years  of classroom experience and a current Technology Resource Teach...
Free Math Games

Math Snacks: Free Math Games and Animations from NMSU and GameUp!

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Drs. Karen Trujillo and Barbara Chamberlin of New Mexico State University introduce Math Snacks, a collection of free math games and animations designed to address math learning gaps in grades 5-7. Wa...

Lord of the Flies Essential Questions

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Why is theme important in a piece of literature? How does an author create a sense of place? How do authors use symbolism to convey complex thoughts and topics? Have students consider th...
Quandary Assessment

Quandary Assessment Ideas

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Quandary is a great springboard for discussion, so plan to leave a chunk of time for this at the end of the session. We've provided several assessment ideas in the form of sample questions and areas f...
Food Fight Game Play Strategy

Food Fight Game Play Strategy

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Track what happens when adding species in Food Fight: encourage your learners in exploring a game play strategy that increases and decreases populations. Adding species will sometimes help one player,...

Brown v. Board of Education Lesson Plan: Compare and Contrast with Plessy vs. Ferguson

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In this lesson plan, students learn about the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case and conduct a comparison to the judgements in Plessy v. Ferguson.   ...
Middle School Science Game Changer

Game Changer: Transforming Middle School Science

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Get a sneak peek at a groundbreaking new title from leading games creator Second Avenue Learning! They're currently at work on a collaborative, multiplayer game designed to teach middle school science...
English Game

Quandary Ethics and English Game: Opinion Tracker

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Download this PDF to help students organize their thinking while playing the award-winning English game, Quandary....
Simple Machines

Simple Machines: Preparing for Play

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Introduce the concept of simple machines using a classroom door! Students like to see how simple machines are a part of everyday life, and this is an easy way to illustrate that fact. Through the acti...

Law Craft Game Play Strategies

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Activating Prior Knowledge: Students can play and learn from the Law Craft game without any pre-teaching. However, they may get more out of the game if they have some background knowledge and game pl...