Quandary is a great springboard for discussion, so plan to leave a chunk of time for this at the end of the session. We’ve provided several assessment ideas in the form of sample questions and areas for debate below. Be sure to encourage students to compare the decisions they made and why they made them. You may want to find groups that chose different solutions and have them explain their decisions. For groups that chose the same solutions, compare the reasons why each group made their choices.

Making Decisions

  • What is the difference between a fact, an opinion, and a solution?

  • What options did you have for solving the colony’s problem?

  • What made you choose the solution you chose?

  • Did you find it hard to choose a solution? If so, why?

  • The game encouraged you to find out other people’s points of view, but did you listen to them when making your decision?

  • Why do you think it’s important to understand other points of views?

Impact on Colony

  • Did you try another solution? If so, what and why? If not, what else might have worked?

  • How well did your colony do overall?

  • What do you think the success of the colony depends on?

  • Try to think of some words to describe how you’d measure success.

  • What was good about the outcome of your solution?

  • What could have been better?


  • Can you come up with any other solutions to the dilemma?

  • What if there was another colony on Planet Braxos with a different Captain? How would this impact your decisions?

  • Have you ever faced a similar problem in your own life – a problem where there’s no clear answer and you didn’t know what to do?

  • Is there anything that you learned from the game that would help you make decisions when you face similar problems in your own life?