Activating Prior Knowledge:

Students can play and learn from the Law Craft game without any pre-teaching. However, they may get more out of the game if they have some background knowledge and game play strategies. It is recommended that learners have an idea of how the Senate and the House work together before playing the game.

First Steps to Creating a Law in Law Craft:

At the beginning of the game, students have to choose an issue and create a related law. They will do this by reading letters from constituents. Encourage students to read through as many letters as possibly before choosing an issue.

Taking on Different Law Craft Roles:

For the broadest learning experience, make sure students play the game both as a Senator and as a Representative.

Playing Law Craft Multiple Times:

It is recommended that students play LawCraft several times, as they will have very different experiences each time they play. For example, some games do not include a presidential veto while others do.