Classroom Activities: Fish

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These classroom activities are designed to complement the Fish topic on BrainPOP Jr. Class Fish If possible, get a fish for a class pet. Have students research what the fish needs to survive and how...
Common Core and Digital Games

Common Core, Digital Games and Classroom, Inc.

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Can digital games engage students while helping them develop their reading comprehension skills? Join us and guests Kathy Yu Burek and Anne Richards for a look at how Classroom, Inc.’s The Sports Netw...

De-“Mist”-ifying Cloud Computing

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In our newest BrainPOP technology movie, Tim introduces Moby to the wonders of cloud computing. Discover how the "cloud" is really a network of powerful data centers connected by the Internet. Learn h...

Changegamer Strives to be a Gamechanger

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Guest blogger Mike Farley has been teaching middle and high school Geography for 12 years in the Toronto District School Board and currently at University of Toronto Schools in Canada (UTS is an indep...
game making and design tools for students

Game Making and Design Tools

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Kids get excited about designing their own digital games. And so do we! Teachers are assisting children to transition from content consumers to content creators by introducing them to the latest digit...

Submit a Proposal to Present at ISTE 2014

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Share the innovative teaching practices that you’re using in your classroom at ISTE 2014! This year’s conference will be held in Atlanta, GA from June 28th to July 1st and we’d love for our superstar ...
Blended Lesson Plans and Games!

Using Games in Blended Lesson Plans

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Want to make your mark as a blended educator, using web-based games to enhance students' learning? Look no further than the fast-evolving world of using Digital Games Based Learning in the classroom. ...
Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option

Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option

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At the end of the TSN-2 game, students will be able to use the print feature to create a report of their work. Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option allows students either to print and submit these open...

Virtual Labs: Bacteria Sampling Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan accompanies Virtual Labs: Bacteria Sampling, and is adaptable for grades 6-12. This interactive lab challenges students to test milk samples for bacterial contamination with various d...

Matter Sorter Game Teaching Strategies

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Use the Matter Sorter game along with the lesson plan to provide several ways of describing States of Matter to your students.  Also, think about when best to introduce the lesson or the game, accordi...