At the end of the TSN-2 game, students will be able to use the print feature to create a report of their work. Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option allows students either to print and submit these open-ended response questions directly to you, or to print to PDF and submit a digital PDF copy for your review.

The report provides details on the player’s performance at each level and activity within the game. It includes the total play time and the percentage of responses that were correct. The report also allows you to view an itemized list of each question and task and analyze how well the player performed on them.

Additionally, it includes the full text that students type in response to the two open-ended question prompts from the game (which occur in the Email to Selena and in the Response to Victor Email). A 100% correct score will be given for those particular tasks if students write a response, and then the teacher can assess the prompts based on criteria that’s appropriate for the students’ grade level.

The printed report is not only a great documentation tool to show what students have learned and demonstrate their mastery of key Common Core State Standards, but it’s also a wonderful tool for helping students reflect on their learning. If students play the game more than once, encourage them to compare their scores and responses and identify areas of improvement.