Check out these student created games, and inspire your students to design their own! 

Kids get excited about designing their own digital games. And so do we!

Teachers are assisting children to transition from content consumers to content creators by introducing them to the latest digital and gaming productivity tools.  It is a very gratifying and exciting process to watch as children take their game ideas from conception to completion sharing their enormous sense of pride and accomplishment as they invite you to play their game for the first time.  Game design in particular offers many opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills like understanding and applying systems thinking, creative problem solving, storytelling, programming and collaborating with others.  We know you will enjoy Globaloria, Tynker, MIT's Scratch, Gamestar Mechanic, Minecraft Edu, Game Salad, Game Maker, ArisInkle and Pixel Press. We feel they are among the best game making tools we have found.

game making tools

When teaching game design, we recommend beginning with the following game making tools.