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4 Ways BrainPOP Supports Distance Learning

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The digital nature of BrainPOP makes it equally powerful in the classroom and for distance learning.  School closures due to weather or more recently, the coronavirus outbreak, have led to a growin...
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Introducing … Assignments!

Posted by Traci K. on

It’s here! It’s here! If you’re a teacher using My BrainPOP, you now have the ability to assign our movies and features! The ability to assign tasks within BrainPOP has been one of our most-request...
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Challenge Students With Our Newest Feature

Posted by Traci K. on

We’re thrilled to announce the beta launch of our newest feature, the Challenge! The auto-graded,  mobile-ready Challenge is designed to help measure students’ understanding of a given topic and provi...

Getting Started with Make-a-Map for BrainPOP ELL

Posted by cemignano on

Make-a-Map is BrainPOP ELL’s concept mapping tool powered by IdeaphoraⓇ. Make-a-Map enables students to transform information into knowledge by making meaningful connections between their thoughts and...

Grammar concept map created with Make-a-Map!

Posted by tamara on

This exemplar map illustrates the grammar concept of count and non-count nouns featured in the BrainPOP ELL movie Any Cookies? The student used the keyword and image banks as well as blank nodes to cr...

Recycling concept map created with Make-a-Map!

Posted by tamara on

This exemplar map, based on BrainPOP ELL's Recycling movie, illustrates the content of the movie using the image and keyword banks on the left side of the screen. The student also created new keywords...

Vocabulary concept map created with Make-a-Map!

Posted by tamara on

This exemplar map features a single vocabulary word from the ELL movie Does He Bite? Using the Make-a-Map tool, the student placed the word brave in the center, then used the search field in the image...

Make-a-Map for BrainPOP Jr. – 5 minute Overview

Posted by on

This 5 minute screencast will carefully walk you through all the elements of Make-a-Map for BrainPOP Jr....

Make-a-Map BrainPOP Jr. – 1 Minute Overview

Posted by on

This screencast provides a brief overview of how Make-a-Map for BrainPOP Jr. can enhance student learning through concept mapping. You will learn all you need to get started using Make-a-Map after wat...

Make-a-Map: 1 Minute Overview

Posted by on

This brief screencast provides an overview of the Make-a-Map tool on BrainPOP.  This video also appears as "contextual help" under the question mark symbol on the BrainPOP Make-a-Map interface. &nb...