Educator Resources for Voting

In a democracy, making your voice heard is as simple as casting your vote! The idea of giving people a say in government goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. Democracy took a winding path to the system we know today, with a stopover in the Roman Republic, and a really long hiatus—until the Founding Fathers brought it back into style! But even the lofty ideals of the American experiment fell short of a true democracy. For much of the history of the United States, voting was limited to white men only. It took nearly 200 years for women and African Americans to win the right to vote. And make no mistake, voting is more than just a right—it's a responsibility! Elected representatives make decisions about everything from taxes to the minimum wage to declarations of war, so voting affects everyone. Still, less than half of all eligible voters turn out in any given election. So, what can you do about it? Stay informed about important issues, circle Election Day on the calendar, and get your grown-ups to the polls. And get ready: citizens can vote at age 18!