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Every year on May 22nd, students across California honor Harvey Milk. So what's the story behind this iconic LGBT rights leader? Like other civil rights heroes, Milk used his knack for grass-roots organizing, his deep dedication to the cause, and his charisma to rally support. As a San Francisco city supervisor, Milk worked tirelessly to combat homophobic laws, such as Proposition 6, which propelled him to the national stage. In addition to fighting legal battles, Milk encouraged members of the LGBT community to take pride in their identity and diversity, and to stand up for their rights. His successes changed the landscape of American politics, but they also made him a target. Soon after his election, Milk was assassinated. While he didn't live to see the full impact of his efforts, his story inspired generations of activists to come out of the shadows and fight for equality and respect—for the LGBT community and for everyone. Click to learn more about this inspirational icon!

Lesson Plans

Harvey Milk Lesson Plan: Write and Deliver a Persuasive Speech

Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
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