Educator Resources for Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson's poems may be short, but not because she didn't have a lot to say. In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby examine the life of the celebrated poet and explore one of her groundbreaking poems. "A Bird came down the Walk" illustrates Dickinson's lyric style, her vivid imagery and figurative language, and her innovative use of slant rhyme. It's hard to believe that Dickinson wrote nearly 2,000 poems while holed up in her bedroom in Massachusetts! Most of them would have remained hidden if not for her sister, who discovered a treasure trove of handwritten poems after Emily's death. The first published volume established Dickinson as a major American poet, and her poems are still read and studied more than a century later. So watch this movie and get inspired to pen your own masterpieces. Maybe Moby can be your muse!

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