Educator Resources for Adjectives

If your sentences sound like a robot wrote them, don't fret. Just sprinkle in some adjectives to bring those sentences to life! Adjectives have one job: modify nouns to make them more interesting. This versatile part of speech adds details that describe what people, places, and things are like, or how they look, sound, feel, smell, or taste. Whether you're writing about appetizing apples or zealous zombies, pairing nouns with adjectives is one way to paint a fuller and more vivid picture for the reader! But be careful—more isn't necessarily merrier. Adjectives can be overused, and some are more useful than others. Learn how to choose adjectives that are descriptive and specific, where exactly to place them in a sentence, and when not to use them at all. You’ll soon develop a writing style all your own! Got your dictionary and thesaurus handy? Get ready to get descriptive!