BrainPOP Jr. Lessons organized by Topic.

Abraham Lincoln

Learn about the life of the sixteenth President of the United States.

Adding and Subtracting Tens

Add and subtract tens and solve sentences that use two-digit numbers.

Adding with Regrouping

What is 52 + 9? Remember to regroup and carry the one to find the sum!

Addition and Subtraction Fact Families

Family matters! Learn about addition and subtraction fact families.

Adjectives and Adverbs

What is small and green! Learn about adjectives and adverbs.

Alexander Graham Bell

Explore the ideas, inventions, and innovations of this scientist.

Allen Say

Go on a journey with Allen Say! Learn about this Japanese-American author and illustrator.


Achoo! What happens to your body during an allergic reaction?

Amelia Earhart

Learn about Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ancient China

What was China like thousands of years ago? Explore its rich history!

Ancient Egypt

What is the Rosetta Stone? Learn what remains from this civilization today.

Ancient Rome

Rome wasn't built in a day! Learn about this ancient civilization.


Everyone gets mad sometimes. Learn how to keep your cool.

Arctic Habitats

How do people, animals, and plants adapt to this cold, windy environment?


How do you calculate area? Watch the movie to find out!


What is 3 x 2? Learn how arrays can help you multiply and divide.


Breathe easy! Learn what happens during an asthma flare-up.

Author's Purpose

Figuring out the author’s purpose is as easy as PIE!

Basic Adding

Learn adding strategies, like counting on, using doubles, and more.

Basic Parts of a Whole

You "half" to watch this movie! Explore halves, thirds, and fourths.

Basic Probability

What's possible or impossible? Explore the probability of different events.

Basic Subtraction

What is 5 - 3? Explore different ways to solve subtraction sentences.


Explore nonfiction! Learn to research and write a biography about a person.


Did you update your blog? Learn how we can share our thoughts online.


Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes! Learn about your bones and joints.

Book Reports

What's your favorite book? Learn how to share your thoughts about a book.

Bossy R

The bossy “r” strikes again! Discover how this one letter has the power to change the sound of the vowel it follows!

Branches of Government

Learn how the legislative, judicial, and executive branches work together.


Learn what to do if you're being bullied or see someone else getting bullied.


How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly? Watch the movie to find out.

Calendar and Dates

What's the date? Learn how a calendar keeps track of days, weeks, and months.


How do animals hide in their habitats so they can hunt or stay safe?

Capital and Lowercase

Find out when you should use a capital or a lowercase letter.

Caring for Pets

Having a pet is a big responsibility! Learn to keep pets healthy and safe.

Caring For Teeth

Don't forget to brush and floss! Learn how to keep your teeth clean.

Cause and Effect

What can cause a vase to break? Explore causes and effects as you read.

Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers

Learn to measure length, width, height, and distances using the metric system.


How are the words "chain" and "Chicago" alike? Explore the "ch" sound.

Changing States of Matter

Explore solids, liquids, and gases and investigate how they can change.


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Explore characters and their traits.


Learn about this native people. Learn what happened on the Trail of Tears.


Chickenpox doesn’t come from chickens!

Chief Joseph

Learn about this Native American leader who stood up for peace.

Choosing a Book

Learn how to choose a book that's not too easy or too hard, but just right!

Choosing an Operation

Add, subtract, multiply, or divide! Which operation should you use?

Christopher Columbus

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue! Learn about his voyage.

Clara Barton

Learn about the humanitarian Clara Barton and how she founded the American Red Cross!

Classifying Animals

What's your favorite animal? Explore mammals, reptiles, birds, and more!

Colds and Flu

Achoo! Learn about common symptoms of colds and the flu.


Mix it up! You can combine different materials to create a work of art.


What's your favorite color? Explore primary and secondary colors!


Explore probability! Find combinations by using charts and tree diagrams.

Commas with Adjectives and Lists

The big, silly robot hops! Use commas to separate adjectives or items in a list.

Commas with Clauses

Comma down! Explore clauses, and learn how to use commas with them!

Community Helpers

Who's a community helper? Learn about people in your community.

Compare and Contrast

How are dolphins and sharks alike? How are they different? Learn how to compare and contrast!

Comparing Numbers

Compare numbers using the greater than, less than, and equal to symbols.

Compound Words

Pancakes or oatmeal? Learn about compound words.

Computational Thinking

Use computational thinking to solve problems all around you!

Concept Maps

Learn about how concept maps can help organize your thoughts and ideas!

Conflict Resolution

How can you resolve conflict? Learn to do it in a healthy way!

Congruent and Similar Shapes

Get in shape! What are congruent and similar shapes?

Continents and Oceans

Where in the world do you live? Explore our planet's continents and oceans.


I can't wait to watch this movie! Learn how to use contractions.

Counting 0 to 10

One, two, three, four! Count zero to ten and learn much more!

Counting 10 to 20

You can count on us! Let’s practice numbers from ten to twenty!

Counting 20 to 50

Keep counting! Practice the numbers 20 to 50!

Counting 50 to 100

Count the numbers from 50 to 100!

Counting Back

Three, two, one, blast off! Learn how to subtract by counting back!

Counting Coins

Use counting and adding strategies to count different coins up to one dollar.

Counting On

You can count on me! Use different strategies to count on 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons

Could you drink a gallon of milk? Explore different units of capacity.

Cynthia Rylant

What inspired her stories? Learn about this author's life and work.


What are ways some plants and animals adapt to this hot, dry habitat?

Digestive System

Are you hungry? Learn what happens as food moves through your body.

Digital Etiquette

How can you communicate and act respectfully online?

Dividing with Remainders

Can you divide 2 into 5 equally? Learn how to divide with remainders.


In this movie, you’ll learn about divorce and how it can change a family.

Dollars and Cents

How many quarters are in a dollar? Learn the values of different coins.


What is 4 + 4? Learn how to use doubles to help you add and subtract.

Dr. Seuss

Would you eat green eggs and ham? Learn about Theodor Seuss Geisel.


What's proper netiquette? Learn how to safely communicate through e-mail.


Why is Earth called the "Blue Planet"? Explore the third planet from the Sun!

Eating Right

What's for lunch? Learn how to make healthy choices at meal times.

Elapsed Time

How long does it take to get to school? Learn about elapsed time!

Elements of Art

Explore and experiment with color, value, texture, shape, form, line, and space!

Ellis Island

Explore the history of Ellis Island and its immigration inspection process.

Eloise Greenfield

Learn how Eloise Greenfield uses rhythm to make her poems and stories come alive.


How are you feeling? Learn how to identify and manage emotions.


Learn about empathy and how to show people that we understand and care about their feelings.

Energy Sources

What are some renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?

Equivalent Coins

What are ways to make ten cents? Add and trade coins in different ways.

Equivalent Fractions

What are some equivalent fractions for one-half, one-fourth, and one-third?

Even and Odd

Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Even and odd numbers!


Stay healthy and fit! Learn about fitness and how to exercise safely.

Extinct and Endangered Species

Why are giant pandas endangered? How can we protect living things?

Ezra Jack Keats

Explore how this author used collages to bring his stories to life.

Facts and Opinions

What’s your favorite animal? Learn about facts and opinions!


Fall is in the air! Learn how some plants and animals adapt to this season.

Fast Land Changes

Earth is always changing! Explore earthquakes, floods, and more.

Fire Safety

Be prepared! Learn about fire drills, fire prevention, and fire safety.


Something's fishy! Explore the exciting world of fish!

Food Chain

Everything's connected! Learn how living things rely on each other.

Food Groups

What's for dinner? Learn how to eat balanced, healthy meals.


See the forest for the trees! Explore deciduous and coniferous forests.


Can you dig it? Study fossils, from plant imprints to dinosaur bones!

Freshwater Habitats

Learn how plants and animals adapt to ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes.


That's what friends are for! Find out how you can be a good friend.


Ribbit! Learn how tadpoles grow into adult frogs.

George Washington

Learn about the life and work of the first President of the United States.

George Washington Carver

Learn about this African-American scientist and how he changed farming.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Learn what inspired this painter and how she saw flowers in a different way.

Going to the Dentist

Open up and say "ahh"! Learn what happens at your dental checkup.

Going to the Doctor

Check it out! Learn what happens during a checkup with the doctor.

Goods and Services

Explore how producers and consumers work with each other to do business.

Grams and Kilograms

Explore grams and kilograms and compare masses using a balance scale.


Home, home on the range! Learn about grassland habitats!


What goes up, must come down! Learn about gravity!


Are you scared of ghosts? Learn about the spookiest night of the year!

Harriet Tubman

Learn about this abolitionist and her work on the Underground Railroad.


Follow your heart! Learn about the circulatory system.


It's getting hot in here! Learn about heat and how to measure it.

Helen Keller

Learn how this activist overcame obstacles and fought for equal rights.


It's cold out there! Learn how some animals adapt to the cold winter.


Home, sweet home! Learn about different homes in a community.


Eat a pair of pears! Explore homonyms, homographs, and homophones.

How-To Essay

Explore the writing process and learn how to write a how-to essay!

Illegal Drugs

Stay healthy and drug-free! Learn ways you can say no to illegal drugs.

Inches and Feet

How many inches are in a foot? Explore measurement using inches and feet.


Most of the world's animals are insects! Learn about these important creatures!

Internet Safety

Do you have a strong password? Learn important ways to stay safe online.


Learn about the Haudenosaunee, or "The People of the Longhouse."

Jackie Robinson

Learn about one of baseball's greatest heroes!

Johnny Appleseed

Learn how he spread his love of apples, and explore some tall tales about him.

Jon Scieszka

Learn how this author rewrites folktales from a different point of view.


What is kindergarten like? Learn how to get ready to start elementary school.


This land is your land! Explore mountains, canyons, and more!

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Learn about this long, difficult journey through unknown territory.


Borrow a book! Learn how to find, check out, and return materials at the library!


Learn about head lice and find out how you can avoid getting them.


See the light! Learn about the kind of energy that helps us see.

Line Graphs

Learn how to display data so it's easy for people to read and understand.

Listening and Speaking

Listen up! Speak up! Learn how to communicate your thoughts clearly.

Living and Nonliving Things

Learn about the differences between living and nonliving things!

Local and State Governments

Learn how the leaders of towns, cities, and states help run our communites.

Long A

How are the words "pail" and "shade" alike? Learn about the long "a" sound.

Long E

What do the words “bean” and “queen” have in common? They have the long “e” sound!

Long I

How are the words “bike,” “pie,” and “night” alike? Learn about the long “i” sound!

Long U

How are words “cute,” “tune,” “fruit,” and “moon” alike? They all have the long “u” sound!

Losing a Tooth

Is your tooth loose? Learn about what happens when you lose a tooth.

Lunar New Year

Explore Lunar New Year celebrations and traditions from around the world!


Take a deep breath! Learn about your lungs and the respiratory system.

Mae Jemison

Blast off and learn about Dr. Mae Jemison, the first Black woman astronaut!


Opposites attract! Explore magnets and learn what they attract and repel.

Main Idea

Hey, what’s the big idea? Learn how to find the main idea in a story.

Make Inferences

Learn to observe and find clues that can help you figure out a writer’s message.

Make Predictions

What happens next? Learn to use clues to make predictions as you read.

Making and Testing Predictions

Learn how scientists plan experiments to test their predictions.

Making Change Under a Dollar

How much change should you get back?

Making Equal Groups

Learn how to use arrays and make equal groups to help you divide.

Making Observations

Learn how to use different tools to help you observe and gather information.

Making Ten

What is four plus six? Learn different ways to make ten and break ten apart.


You’re a mammal! Find out what makes a mammal a mammal!


Is there life on Mars? Watch the movie to learn more about the "Red Planet."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Learn about this activist's life and how he fought for equal rights for all people.

Maya Civilization

What happened to the Maya people? Learn about this ancient civilization.


Have you ever gotten sick? Learn about medicine and how to take it safely.


Viva Mexico! Explore this country's history, culture, and traditions.


Who's flying south for the winter? Learn how and why some animals migrate.

Milliliters and Liters

Explore milliliters and liters and discover what we measure with these units of volume.


How can practicing mindfulness help you? Learn how to notice and accept your thoughts, feelings, senses, and actions.

Missing Numbers with Addition and Subtraction

Get on the case! Help Moby and Annie find the missing numbers in number sentences!

Mixed Numbers

Can you eat two and a half apples? Explore mixed fractions.


Have you seen the man on the Moon? Learn about Earth's closest neighbor.

More Fractions

Explore different fractions, such as one-half, three-fifths, and five-eighths.

Multiplying by 0 or 1

What is 3 x 0? Explore multiplication equations using zero or one.


Flex your biceps! Learn about voluntary and involuntary muscles.

Musical Alphabet

Learn a new alphabet and find out how "every good boy does fine"!

Musical Instruments

What's a didgeridoo? Explore the world of musical instruments.

Natural Resources

Learn to conserve! Explore renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

Needs and Wants

Learn about the things we need and the things we want.

Nonstandard Measurement

No ruler, no problem! There are many ways to measure!


Is it a person, animal, place, thing, or idea? Nouns are all around us!

Ocean Habitats

Welcome to the Twilight Zone! Explore different zones in the ocean.

One Hundred

Can you skip-count to one hundred? Explore this special number!

Ounces, Pounds, and Tons

How much does an elephant weigh? Explore different units of weight.

Pablo Picasso

Learn about his life, work, and a movement of art called cubism.

Parts of a Clock

Explore how to use a clock’s face, hour hand, and minute hand to tell time.

Parts of a Computer

Eek! I see a mouse! Find out how to protect and care for your computer.

Parts of a Plant

Know your roots! Explore different parts of plants, like stems, leaves, and flowers.

Pat Mora

Experience joy and gratitude with Pat Mora! Learn about this bilingual author and her books and poems.


Learn to build a pattern by repeating shapes, colors, sounds, and motions.

Percussion Instruments

Bang on a can! Learn about drums, xylophones, bongos, and more!


Learn to find the perimeter of a shape by adding the lengths of its sides.

Physical and Chemical Changes

What happens when ice melts? Explore ways properties of matter can change.


Learn to read and create pictographs to organize and share your data.

Pitch, Tone, and Beat

High, low, fast, slow! Explore how music mixes pitch, tone, and beat.

Place Value

What digit is in the tens place in the number 32? Explore place value.

Plane Shapes

Get in shape! Explore circles, squares, and more!

Plant Adaptations

Yum! Some plants "eat" insects! Learn how plants adapt to their habitats.

Plant Life Cycle

What happens when a seed germinates? Explore how plants grow.


The plot thickens! Explore how characters face and solve problems.

Plural Nouns

Moby sees one mouse, and Annie sees two mice! Explore plural nouns.


Explore shape, acrostic, and rebus poems. Learn how to write a haiku!

Points, Lines, Segments, Rays

What's the point? Explore points, lines, segments, and rays!


Explore different polygons, from quadrilaterals to nonagons!


Inside, outside, above, below! Learn words that describe position.

Possessive Nouns

Moby uses Mia's camera to photograph a birds' nest. Explore possessive nouns.


Review and replay this movie if prefixes are unclear!


Here comes the chief! Learn about the executive branch of the government.


Learn how to show the probability of an event using fractions.


Learn about the culture, traditions, and history of this Native American people.

Pushes and Pulls

Forces can change how things move. Explore motion, position, and more!


What’s a quadrilateral? Explore squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and more!


Explore the Amazon! Learn about plants and animals that live in rainforests.

Reading Maps

Which way is north? You can find out by reading a map!

Reading Nonfiction

Explore the parts of a nonfiction book, from the table of contents to the index.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Paper, plastic, or reusable bag? Learn how you can conserve natural resources.

Repeated Addition

Learn to multiply by adding the same number over and over.

Repeated Subtraction

Solve division equations by subtracting the same number over and over.

Rhyming Words

It's rhyme time! Use word families to help you read, write, and spell.

Rights and Responsibilities

Know your rights! Learn the difference between rights and responsibilities.

Rocks and Minerals

Be a geologist! Learn about the properties of rocks and minerals.

Rosa Parks

Learn how this activist sat down to stand up for equal rights.


Do you round 16 up or down to the nearest ten? Learn how to round!

Ruby Bridges

Learn how Ruby Bridges bravely stood up for equal rights when she integrated an all-white school.

Rural, Suburban, and Urban

Do you live in a big city? Explore how populations differ across communities.

Safety Signs

Stop! Don't walk! Learn about safety signs and why you should follow them.

Saving and Spending

A penny saved is a penny earned! Learn to be responsible with money.


Explore different schools, from pre-schools to universities!

Science Projects

Learn how you can plan, organize, and carry out a science project.

Science Skills

What skills do you need to be a scientist?

Science Tools

Look closely! Explore different tools, from microscopes to rulers!

Scientific Method

Investigate your world! Learn how to plan and conduct an experiment.


Explore different techniques that you can use to create sculptures.


Learn about how seasons change and explore different types of weather.

Sending a Letter

Let's be pen pals! Learn to write and send friendly letters and business letters.


What does your nervous system do? Learn about your senses.


What happens first, second, and last? Learn about the order of events.


How might a story that takes place in a big, dark forest make you feel?

Setting Goals

Be SMART about setting and achieving goals!

Short Story

Do you have a story idea? Learn how to write, revise, and edit your short stories.

Short Vowels

How are the words "cat" and "hen" alike? Watch the movie to find out!

Silent E

Kit or kite? Find out how to pronounce words that have a silent "e."


Moby is hungry like a wolf! Learn how similes make comparisons.

Simple Machines

It's simple! Explore different tools that use force to make work easier.

Sink or Float

Why do boats float? Learn why some objects sink and why others float!

Slides, Turns, and Flips

You'll flip for flips! Explore how you can move shapes in different ways.

Slow Land Changes

Explore how weathering and erosion shape our land over time.


Why is smoking bad for your health? Learn about tobacco and nicotine.


Dig up some dirt! Learn how living things depend on this natural resource.

Solar System

Is Pluto a planet? Learn about our Sun and the bodies in our Solar System.

Solid Shapes

What's the shape of a globe? Explore cubes, cones, and other solid shapes.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

What's the matter? Learn about the different states of matter all around you.

Solving Word Problems

Learn how to solve word problems. Just follow the steps!


Did you hear what I hear? Explore sound and learn how it travels.


Spring has sprung! Learn what some plants and animals do in the spring.

Statue of Liberty

Learn about Lady Liberty! Learn how the monument was designed and built.

Subject and Verb Agreement

Make them agree! Learn how to match subjects and verbs in a sentence.

Subtracting Without Regrouping

How can you solve 18 - 5? What about 26 - 11? Watch and learn!


How does sugar affect your body and mood? Learn to pick healthy snacks!


What do plants and animals do during summer? Watch the movie to find out.


Fun in the sun! Explore how living things rely on the Sun's energy.

Susan B. Anthony

Learn about the life of this activist and her fight for women's rights.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Big and small, short and tall! Explore words with the same or opposite meanings.

Taking Photos

Say "cheese"! Learn how to set up and take a good picture!

Tally Charts and Bar Graphs

Tally it up! Learn how to display data using tally charts and bar graphs.


At what temperature does water boil? Learn how to measure temperature.


Moby beeped yesterday. Explore the past, present, and future tenses.

th, sh, and wh

The sixth sheep is sick! Explore words with the "th," "sh," and "wh" sounds.


Who are the Wampanoag? What happened when the Pilgrims arrived on their land? Learn about Thanksgiving and explore how this holiday is celebrated today.


Learn how to find the theme of a story!

Thirteen Colonies

What are the thirteen colonies? Learn what life was like for the colonists.

Time Signature and Note Values

Explore quarter, half, and whole notes and learn how to read them.

Time to the Hour

What time is it when the hour and minute hand are both on the 12?

Time to the Minute

What time is it? Learn how to read the hour and minute hands on a clock.

Time to the Quarter and Half Hour

Where are the hour and minute hands on a clock when it's 4:30?


Did you take the bus? Find out how people get around their communities.


One, two, tree! Learn about how trees grow and change!

Types of Sentences

Cool! Explore statements, questions, exclamations, and commands.

U.S. Symbols

What are some objects and buildings that are symbols of the United States?

U.S. Symbols

What are some objects and buildings that are symbols of the United States?

Using Adjectives to Compare

Moby is the silliest robot in school! Learn how to use adjectives to compare.


Run, skip, and hop! Explore verbs and learn to avoid sentence fragments.

Vincent van Gogh

Observe how he used different colors and techniques in his paintings.

Washing Hands

Wash up! Did you know that washing your hands can help keep you healthy?

Water Cycle

Learn how water moves on, above, and below the surface of the Earth.


It's a winter wonderland! Explore how some living things adapt to this season.

Winter Holidays

Explore how people all around the world celebrate the holidays.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Did you know he wrote his first symphony at eight years old?

Woodwind Instruments

Are all woodwinds made of wood? Watch the movie to find out!

Writing a Paragraph

Explore the writing process! Learn how to write a strong paragraph.

Writing About Yourself

Do you keep a journal? Explore how to communicate your feelings and ideas.

Writing with the Senses

The warm chocolate cake is gooey and sweet! Use the senses as you write.