BrainPOP Games organized by Subject.

After the Storm: Day One

A hurricane has just hit the city of Port Douglas. As editor-in-chief of an online magazine, can you help the residents weather the storm?

Argument Wars

Test out your persuasive abilities by arguing real Supreme Court cases. Craft the strongest argument to defeat the opposing lawyer and win!

Community in Crisis: The Aftermath

A hurricane hit your town! As the community center's director, can you manage the aftermath? You'll have to make some good decisions! Long Description:

Lord of the Flies

Did you read William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”? If so, challenge your memory with this game!


Shape the future of a new society while recognizing ethical issues and making decisions based on evidence and differing points of view.


Do you think you can play teacher and correct someone else's writing? You'll have to know your prepositional phrases, pronouns, and commonly confused words! This game is not playable on Internet Explorer 9.

Search Shark

The Internet is deep and filled with treasure, but searching can be tricky without the right keywords. Can you find what you're looking for?

The Meaning of Beep

Tim broke Moby's language chip, and now our favorite robot's missing some words! Can you use context clues to fill in the blanks?

The Sports Network 2

The sports media company TSN-2 is losing its teen audience! As Managing Director, you have to find the best way to get them back—and fast.