You can use the following questions to assess the concept maps that students create with the Make-A-Map tool:

  • Have key vocabulary terms been effectively integrated?
  • Has the student explained concepts/relationships in his or her words?
  • Have video clips and images been used to enhance ideas?
  • Are the link labels correct and precise?
  • Are the connections between ideas logical and accurate?
  • Does the quantity and complexity of the map nodes reflect deep understanding?
  • Are the associations between nodes valid?

We recommend guiding students to self-reflect on the effectiveness of their own concept maps prior to submitting them to the teacher.

Download this simple, printable rubric you can use in response to the following Make-a-Map Assignment prompt:

Applies to all topics

Prompt text:
What is/are [Topic]? Build a concept map to visually represent your answer. Use the supplied keywords, images or take pictures from key parts of the movie. You can also add your own nodes. Connect the nodes with links.

For more examples and ideas for using Concept Mapping for assessment, check out our archived webinar.